Customs Intercepts 100 Mobile Phones Hidden on Man’s Body at Gongbei Port

According to a report from Fast Technology on June 20, Chinese Customs officials successfully intercepted a significant smuggling attempt at Gongbei Port, seizing a total of 100 mobile phones hidden on a passenger’s body. This incident marks the largest number of bundled and hidden mobile phones seized in a single case by Zhakou Customs in recent years.

Mobile phone smuggling

Details of the Mobile Phone Smuggling Incident

The smuggling attempt occurred at approximately 9:30 am on June 9. A man named Zeng, dressed in a dark short-sleeved shirt and loose trousers, tried to enter the country through the “no declaration channel” in the passenger inspection hall of Gongbei Port. The customs officers on duty noticed several suspicious indicators that led them to investigate further.

Customs officers observed an abnormal bulge around Zeng’s waist and abdomen. Also, his steps were unusually heavy and his body appeared stiff as he walked. These observations raised red flags for the officers, prompting them to conduct a more thorough inspection.

Upon detailed examination, customs officers discovered a large number of old mobile phones on Zeng. These old phones were tightly wrapped in plastic film on Zeng’s waist, abdomen, thighs, and calves. In total, they found 100 mobile phones concealed in this manner. The meticulous method of hiding the phones highlighted the lengths smugglers are willing to go to evade detection.

Legal Implications Mobile Phone Smuggling

The customs department issued a reminder to passengers regarding the legal implications of smuggling. According to relevant laws and regulations, any act of evading customs supervision by hiding, disguising, concealing, misreporting, or using other means to transport, carry, or mail goods or articles that are prohibited or restricted from entering or leaving the country, or those subject to tax payment according to law, constitutes smuggling. If the circumstances are serious and constitute a crime, criminal liability will be pursued per the law.

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Customs officials emphasized the importance of compliance with customs regulations to ensure smooth and legal transit across borders. They reminded passengers that attempts to smuggle goods not only violate the law but also pose significant risks to national security and economic stability. The interception at Gongbei Port serves as a stern reminder of the vigilance and thoroughness of customs enforcement efforts.

Efforts to Curb Smuggling

This incident at Gongbei Port underscores the ongoing efforts by Chinese Customs to curb smuggling activities. By maintaining stringent inspection protocols and leveraging advanced detection technologies, customs authorities aim to prevent illegal goods from entering the country. The successful interception of the 100 mobile phones is a testament to these efforts.

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Enhancing Inspection Techniques

Customs authorities continue to enhance their inspection techniques and training programs to identify and intercept smuggling attempts more effectively. The use of technology like X-ray scanners and other non-invasive inspection tools, plays a crucial role in detecting concealed items. Additionally, the training of customs officers to recognize suspicious behaviours and signs of smuggling is paramount to these efforts.

Public Awareness Campaigns

In parallel with enforcement actions, customs authorities also engage in public awareness campaigns to educate travellers. This will create awareness about the legal requirements and consequences of smuggling. By increasing awareness, they hope to deter individuals from engaging in such activities and promote lawful conduct.


The successful interception of 100 mobile phones hidden on a passenger’s body at Gongbei Port highlights the diligence and effectiveness of Chinese Customs officials. Mobile phone smuggling or any smuggling is a crime according to Chinese laws. This case serves as a stark reminder of the legal consequences of smuggling and the importance of adhering to customs regulations. As customs authorities continue to enhance their inspection capabilities and public awareness efforts, they remain committed to preventing smuggling and ensuring the security and integrity of the nation’s borders. The vigilance demonstrated in this case reaffirms the crucial role customs officials play in safeguarding national interests.

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