GCam 9.2 (V14) Update Arrives. How to Install On Almost All Android Smartphones

Google is constantly evolving its Pixel Camera (Formerly Known as Google Camera) to make it more interesting and feature-rich. The Google Camera is one of the things that make Pixel smartphones stand in a market full of smartphones with super-advanced camera setups. While most of the brands pursued new technologies, multiple cameras with advanced zoom capabilities, Google has been keeping all the magic under its software and algorithms. The Google Camera is so popular that talented developers are constantly bringing updates for the modded version of the app dubbed GCam. GCam can be installed on a wide array of smartphones. It brings the gorgeous image quality of Pixel cameras to more conventional Android devices.

Understanding the GCam Project

The Google Camera App (GCam) is the driving force behind the advanced photography capabilities of Pixel smartphones, enabling them to produce high-quality images. While some features are tied to Google’s specific hardware, the majority of the app’s functionality relies on sophisticated software algorithms. This reliance on software has allowed skilled developers to adapt and port the Google Camera App to a wide range of devices through the GCam project.

Unlocking Advanced Photography Across Devices

One of the most significant advantages of the GCam project is its ability to bring Google’s advanced software features to smartphones from various manufacturers. Whether you own a mid-range device or a high-end flagship, if your phone is compatible with GCam, you can harness the power of Google’s image processing algorithms. This is particularly beneficial for mid-range phones, where the stock camera often fails to maximize the device’s photographic potential. With GCam, users can achieve stunning image quality with ease, elevating their photography experience without the need for expensive hardware. The better hardware you have, the better images you will get.

GCam 9.2

Customizable and Versatile Features

GCam offers a plethora of customizable options, allowing users to fine-tune the app to their specific needs. Additionally, the app supports importing and exporting settings, enabling users to apply configurations optimized for their particular smartphone model. This flexibility ensures that users can extract the best possible performance from their device’s camera.

The Latest Update: GCam 9.2 (V14)

In this article, we will delve into the latest update, GCam 9.2 (V14), exploring its new features and improvements. Furthermore, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to install this update on almost any Android smartphone. It ensures you can take full advantage of GCam’s powerful capabilities regardless of your device’s brand or specifications.

The talented developer BSG keeps working to make a perfect port of Google Camera 9.2. And in the latest V14 update, brings fixes and improvements to the application. If you’re already using his GCam 9.3 port, it’s a nice idea to upgrade. If you’re a newcomer, make sure to start with the latest V14 version.

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  • BSG public version changelog (9.2.113 from 2024/06/15):
  • A “Processing Param” section has been added to the “Additional settings” of the module (divided into “HDR+ ( Off / Auto / Net )” and “Enhanced HDR+ / Night Sight”).
  • “Lower range HDR+”, “Upper range HDR+”, and “HDR effect” items have been added to the “Processing Param” menu sections for (“HDR+ ( Off / Auto / Net )” and “Enhanced HDR+ / Night Sight”).
  • The item “RAW format resolution” has been added to the module settings (appears on devices with several RAW resolutions to select the correct resolution).
  • Fixed errors found in the modification’s operation (fixed the appearance of a warning when installing a modification on some devices).
  • Fixed operation on some devices.

Major Highlights of GCam 9.2

  • A Streamlined UI: For those unfamiliar with the update, GCam 9.2 brings a revamped user interface aimed at enhancing user experience, especially for newcomers. Previously, adjustments for brightness, shadow, and white balance were located on the left and right edges of the viewfinder. In this update, these controls have been repositioned into a compact carousel in the bottom right corner. Thus making them more accessible and intuitive to use. Additionally, a new “Reset All” button, which debuted with the Pixel 8, allows users to restore default settings with a single tap, simplifying the process of returning to the original configuration.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Usability has been significantly improved with a focus on one-handed operation. The settings button has been relocated to the lower left corner of the screen, making it easily reachable with your thumb. This thoughtful design change ensures that users can adjust settings comfortably and quickly, even when using their device with one hand.
  • Advanced Options: GCam 9.2 offers users greater control over their photography with the ability to enable or disable “Ultra HDR” and “Rich Color in Photos.” These advanced features, now accessible to a broader range of smartphones thanks to GCam, enhance image quality by providing richer colors and higher dynamic range, ensuring that users can capture stunning photos regardless of their device’s native capabilities.
  • Ultra HDR: Ultra HDR is a cool new feature in GCam 9.2 that boosts the dynamic range to make your photos look even better. It uses smart algorithms to brighten the bright spots and keep the details intact, so your pictures come out clear and vibrant, no matter the lighting.
  • Palm Timer: The palm timer just got a neat upgrade in GCam 9.2. This feature lets you take selfies without fiddling with buttons. Before, it only worked with the 3 or 10-second timer. Now, you can set it to “Always On,” making it super easy to snap selfies whenever you want.
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The GCAM Mod – Disclaimer

As the title suggests, the GCam 9.2 mod is designed to work on almost all Android smartphones. While it performs perfectly on many devices, some may experience compatibility issues. You’ll get the best results if you’re using the latest Android version. Also, Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered phones tend to be more compatible. It’s a bit of trial and error for some users—you’ll need to try the app yourself to see which features work and which don’t. The app also comes from unofficial sources, but Google never bothered the existence of this mod. Check all details of your device, warranty, and more before installing it. It’s not a replacement for the stock camera app, but one addition that can bring some nice results.

  • Compatibility: GCam isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. While it works with many Android devices, successful installation and functionality depend on your specific smartphone model. Before you proceed, it’s crucial to research whether GCam is compatible with your device. If it isn’t, try to identify the best version for it.
  • Unofficial Source: Since GCam is a modified app, it’s not officially available on the Google Play Store. You’ll need to download it from third-party sources. Always use trusted sources with detailed information, like Celso Azevedo’s repository, which is one of the safest options. Avoid downloading GCam mods from shady websites to protect your device from malware.
  • Learning Curve: Navigating through GCam’s custom settings can be a bit overwhelming at first. Be prepared to spend some time learning about all the features and settings the app offers. This patience will pay off, allowing you to customize the app to get the best performance from your device.

How to Instal GCam 9.2 V14 Update

  1. Check Android Version: Ensure your device is running at least Android 12.
  2. Download and Install: Download the GCam 9.2 V14 APK file.
    • During installation, you might need to enable installation from “Unknown sources” in your browser settings. Don’t worry, the file is safe and verified.
  3. Open the App: Once the installation is complete, open Google Camera. An icon will also appear on your home screen or in the app drawer.
  4. Older Android Versions: If you have an older version of Android, try your luck at Celso Azevedo’s Repository. It’s the go-to place for various Google Camera mods.


If you’ve followed the steps and have a compatible device, you will enjoy the features introduced in the latest GCam update. Remember, GCam is a Work In Progress (WIP), so expect more updates and improvements in the future.


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