HarmonyOS NEXT System: Highlights and Innovations From Huawei

Huawei has unveiled its latest iteration of the HarmonyOS, named HarmonyOS NEXT, which introduces a range of advanced features designed to enhance user experience. These innovations were showcased at the HDC 2024 Developer Conference, emphasizing improvements in intelligent recommendations, code scanning, input methods, notifications, and media playback control. Here’s a comprehensive look at the key highlights.

HarmonyOS NEXT

Intelligent Recommendations and Intent Framework

One of the standout features of HarmonyOS NEXT is its intent framework, which actively perceives user operation intentions and intelligently recommends services through card interfaces. The system primarily utilizes the Xiaoyi Smart Assistant and Xiaoyi desktop service cards to provide proactive suggestions based on various factors.

Key Features:

  • Scenario-based Recommendations: Offers suggestions tailored to specific situations like driving, travel, and meetings.
  • Habit Recommendations: Adapts to user habits to provide personalized recommendations.
  • Event and Location Recommendations: Delivers services based on events and the user’s current location.
  • Active Use by Users: Encourages engagement through skill invocation and local search capabilities.

Xiaoyi Assistant:

  • Multi-modal Interaction: Supports voice, touch, and other interaction modalities for seamless service access.
  • Automatic Orchestration: Automates routine tasks, enhancing user convenience.

HarmonyOS NEXT

Xiaoyi Suggestion Cards:

  • Proactive Recommendations: Combines user understanding and environmental perception to suggest relevant scene service cards for various contexts like hospitals, subway stations, and tourist attractions.
  • Learning Capabilities: Adapts based on time patterns, location characteristics, device status, and event information to refine recommendations.

Enhanced Code Scanning Functionality

HarmonyOS NEXT introduces a streamlined aggregate code scanning feature, simplifying the traditional multi-step QR code scanning process.


  • Scan to Go: A permanently accessible feature in the control center, allowing quick QR code scanning for various services like payments, ordering food, and retrieving express deliveries.
  • Comprehensive QR Code Support: Compatible with all mainstream QR codes, providing direct access to designated service interfaces.
  • One-step Scanning: Available in the Camera App and can be added to the control center and lock screen for easy access, even when the screen is locked.
  • Automatic Zoom: Integrates camera zoom functionality for scanning QR codes at varying distances and lighting conditions, with high accuracy in low – light and complex environments.

Input Method System Framework

The HarmonyOS NEXT system enhances the input method system with the IME Kit, offering improved interaction capabilities and security features.

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Key Features:

  • Unified Switching Entrance: Simplifies switching between input methods with long press for selection and short press for quick switching.
  • Text Preview Effects: Allows real – time preview of input content through pinyin, voice, or photography.
  • Security Enhancements: Prompts users to enable third – party input methods and provides security reminders for full experience mode.
  • Smart Fill Function: Identifies input data from the clipboard and Huawei account to provide one – click fill options and associates input suggestions based on historical data and contacts.

HarmonyOS NEXT

Advanced Notification Capabilities

HarmonyOS NEXT has integrated and upgraded its notification capabilities to highlight important information and enhance interactive functionalities.

Push Notifications:

  • Less is More Principle: Reduces redundant messages and intelligently aggregates notifications in high – frequency scenarios to highlight important messages.

Live Window:

  • Dynamic Information Display: Covers various usage scenarios like travel, delivery, flights, and match scores across different screen forms.
  • Unified Experience: Provides a consistent display and interaction experience across devices, supporting different layout styles and expanding interactive cards.

Revamped Playback Control Center

The playback control center in HarmonyOS NEXT has been upgraded to support a broader range of audio and video functionalities, enhancing the media experience.


  • Expanded Broadcast Control: Includes lock screen card display, historical playlists, and audio recommendations.
  • In-Application Broadcasting: Supports seamless playback control within apps and on large screens.
  • Multi-device Switching: Facilitates easy switching between devices during playback, with built-in global broadcast plug-in supporting 4K quality broadcasting.

Connected Applications:

  • Music and Audiobooks: Includes popular services like Huawei Music, QQ Music, and NetEase Cloud Music.
  • Video and Live Broadcast: Supports Huawei Video, Bilibili, CCTV Video, and more.
  • Others: Integrates with Huawei Browser, Baby Bus, DingTalk, and others.


Huawei’s HarmonyOS NEXT system brings significant enhancements across various functionalities, making the user experience more intuitive, intelligent, and interconnected. These innovations highlight Huawei’s commitment to advancing its operating system to meet the evolving needs of its users.

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