Google is Developing AI Chatbots Modeled After Celebrities and Influencers

Celebrity AI Chatbot
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Google is reportedly working on a new AI project that will allow users to converse with chatbots modeled after celebrities, YouTube influencers, and even fictional characters. This latest endeavor is distinct from the company’s Gems initiative, which focuses on creating specialized AI assistants for specific tasks. Instead, Google’s upcoming chatbot project will fine-tune its Gemini family of language models to mimic the response styles of particular individuals.

Celebrity AI Chatbot

Customizable Chatbots and Comparisons to Existing Services

According to The Information, Google plans to let anyone create their own chatbot by “describing its personality and appearance” and then interact with it for entertainment purposes. This feature is similar to the functionality offered by, a chatbot service that allows users to create personas ranging from TV characters to real-life politicians.

Google’s interest in personalized chatbots also suggests that the company is looking to compete with Meta’s Celebrity AI chatbots, which already enable users to converse with AI recreations of famous personalities like Snoop Dogg.

Google Labs and the Potential Integration with YouTube

This latest AI endeavor is being developed by Google’s Labs team, which has pivoted to working on various experimental projects over the past year. The project is being led by Ryan Germick, a long-time Google Doodle designer, and a team of ten employees.

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The reports indicate that Google may eventually integrate the chatbot platform into YouTube, rather than launching it as a standalone product. This integration could allow YouTube creators to develop their own AI personas and potentially improve engagement with their audiences. The company may also explore monetization opportunities, as YouTube’s most famous personality, MrBeast, already has an AI-powered chatbot on Meta’s platforms.

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Potential Challenges and Limitations

While Google’s celebrity chatbot initiative may showcase the company’s AI capabilities in a consumer-friendly way, the reports suggest that the project may be more of an experiment than a broad release product. This is particularly relevant given the mixed success of Meta’s celebrity-based AI chatbots, which have not gained significant traction despite being integrated into various Meta products. Also, the specific celebrities or influencers that Google plans to partner with for this project is not yet public.


Google’s foray into AI chatbots modeled after celebrities and influencers represents the company’s latest effort to explore the potential of personalized AI experiences. While the project may be more experimental in nature, it could potentially offer users a novel way to interact with AI-powered chatbots and showcase Google’s technological capabilities. However, the success of this initiative will likely depend on factors such as user engagement, partnerships with influential personalities, and the company’s ability to differentiate its offering from existing chatbot services.

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