GTA 6 Map To Feature 3 Islands Inspired in Bahamas and 2000 Enterable Buildings

With the launch of GTA 6 confirmed for the next year, fans are eagerly waiting for more details about the game. As usual, Rockstar has published only a reveal trailer so far, that brought some details about the game but didn’t dive deeper into the plot and gameplay details. We know some of the game’s details thanks to a huge leak that covered the web a few years ago. Furthermore, some insider information keeps popping up from time to time. Today, new information comes from the GTA 6 specialists from the “GTA 6 Countdown” profile on X.

According to the new info, GTA 6 could also feature up to three islands. The islands would be inspired by Cuba, the Bahamas, and a potential third unknown island. However, these islands are extra places on the map apart from the full-fledged map of the State of Leonida. The information about the presence of these three islands falls in line with an earlier leak on a reputed social media channel. Here are some of the main points from that GTA 6 leak.


GTA 6 Map Details

  • The name of the fictional state is definitively Leonida.
  • Most of the leaks suggest that the GTA 6 map is twice the size of the GTA 5 map, but the fact is that is only 30% to 50% bigger than the GTA 5 map. However, the map will be more detailed and accurate than the GTA 6 map, and Rockstar plans to expand the map over some time.
  • There will be 3 islands in the game, and one of them will be heavily inspired by the Bahamas.
  • Orlando is rumored to be part of the map. However, according to the leaks, only Miami, its surrounding areas, and a few other remote locations will be present. There will be a city in the West (apparently a parody of Fort Myers) that will be part of the GTA 6 map.
  • There will be a city inspired by “Fort Knox” and it will be a Fort City. The city will be used for stashing gold in the game.
  • The players will find a bike trail around Lake Leonida.
  • The game will feature 60% enterable buildings and this takes the number of buildings to at least 2000 in number. The players would be able to enter the houses and apartments in the city and explore the interior. The interesting part is that AI-enabled NPCs mechanisms will allow the NPCs to call the police when you trespass.
  • It will be possible to rent hotels and motels in the game.
  • The cover system has been completely overhauled and is more realistic.
  • Chainsaw won’t be a weapon in GTA 6
  • A perfect replica of Miami will appear in GTA 6, showing the power of high-quality graphics and visuals used in the development of the game.

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Other details about GTA 6

As confirmed by Rockstar, GTA 6 will finally arrive in the fall of 2025 for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. While the console release is the first focus, the game will eventually hit PCs like GTA 5 did. There is great anticipation for this release. After the success amassed by GTA 5 and the great quality offered by the game and in Rockstar’s Wild West title Red Dead Redemption 2, fans are expecting the company to overcome itself with GTA 6. The game will feature two playable characters, Jason and Lucia. What makes the game different from other GTA games is the presence of a female playable character.

The GTA 6 map leaks are puzzling right now. However, one can conclude that from them GTA 6 will improve things over GTA 5. For now, all leaks around GTA 6 map, trailer 2, and gameplay are based on rumors and insider info. So we need to digest them with a pinch of salt and wait for the next official announcement from Rockstar Games. Unfortunately, the company is known for not throwing details in front of its fans all the time. So we need patience.

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