Apple Improves iPhone Repair Options with Third-Party Support

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Today, Apple released a white paper that explains its policies on device ease of repair. In the paper, Apple announced changes to make iPhone repairs easier using third-party parts. From the official paper, these changes will happen later this year. The updates focus on better support for battery and display from other brands.

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Support for Third-Party Displays

One key update is that True Tone will now work with third-party iPhone screens. True Tone adjusts the screen’s color and brightness based on the surrounding light. Right now, this feature is turned off when using third-party screens because they lack the needed calibration.

Apple explains, “True Tone requires calibration to work properly, and since there is no way to set a default calibration for third-party displays, this may cause unexpected behavior. Therefore, when using a third-party display, True Tone is disabled by default, but other features of the display will work normally.”

Starting later in 2024, users will be able to turn on True Tone with third-party screens. If the feature does not work well, users can turn it off in the settings. This change will give users more flexibility and improve their experience with third-party parts.

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Battery Health Data for Third-Party Batteries

Another important update concerns third-party batteries. Right now, iPhones with third-party batteries do not show battery health information, like maximum capacity and cycle count. Apple worries about the accuracy of data from unverified batteries. The company notes that “some third-party batteries advertised as new were actually refurbished, with battery health data tampered to look like new.”

Later in 2024, Apple will start showing battery health data for third-party batteries. The feature will have a note which shows that the information has not been verified by Apple. This will help users make better decisions about their device’s battery health.

Impact on Users and the Repair Industry

These changes mark a big shift in Apple’s approach to repairs. By supporting third-party displays and batteries, Apple acknowledges the need for more repair options. This could lead to higher satisfaction among iPhone users as they will have more choices for maintaining their devices.

These changes may also impact the repair industry. By providing better support and transparency, Apple could encourage higher standards among third-party component suppliers.


Apple’s new policies show a move toward making device repairs easier and more transparent. By supporting third-party displays and batteries, Apple is giving users more options and promoting sustainability. These changes, set to take effect later in 2024, are a positive step for both iPhone users and the industry.

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