Honor Unveils Innovative AI Features: Eye Care and Deepfake Fighter

Honor is shaking things up with two cool new features powered by on-device AI. These features focus on keeping users safe and healthy. At their recent MWC Shanghai 2024 keynote titled “The Human-AI Synergy: Smart Devices to Empower People,” Honor showed off their latest user-friendly AI advancements: AI Defocus Eye Protection and AI Deepfake Detection.

AI Defocus Eye Protection

With screen time on the rise, nearsightedness is becoming more common. To tackle this, Honor brings us AI Defocus Eye Protection. This neat feature uses AI to mimic defocus glasses right on your smartphone screen. Defocus glasses are known to be good for your eyes. They create a slight blur in your side vision, helping you see clearly in the center. This helps slow down eye elongation, a big reason why people get nearsighted.

HONOR's AI Defocus Eye Protection Technology Explained

Honor’s AI Defocus Eye Protection goes beyond just stopping nearsightedness. Studies show a decrease in temporary nearsightedness by an average of 13 degrees after just 25 minutes of reading! Some users even saw a much bigger reduction of up to 75 degrees.

HONOR's AI Defocus Eye Protection Technology Explained

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Honor Fights Fraud with AI Deepfake Detection

Deepfakes, those fake videos that can look real, are a growing problem. To fight back, Honor introduces AI Deepfake Detection. This feature helps stop fraud and spot fake content by checking frame-by-frame details like eye contact, lighting, image clarity, and how the video plays. This clever AI can find inconsistencies that our eyes just can’t see.

HONOR's AI Deepfake Detection

AI Deepfake Detection is trained on a giant database of scammy videos and images. This lets it identify, screen, and compare content in just three seconds. If the AI finds something fake or altered, it warns you right away, keeping you safe from potential scams.

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HONOR's AI Deepfake Detection

Honor’s Commitment to User-Friendly AI

Honor is all about on-device AI. They believe it gives users more control and makes their experience more personal, all while keeping their privacy safe. By focusing on user-centered AI advancements, Honor aims to change the way we use smartphones, putting user safety and well-being first.

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