How to Claim Your Share of Google’s $700M Payout for Android Users

Google Lawsuit

Google got in big trouble for how it runs the app store on Android phones. Due to this, the search engine giant will have to pay a hefty amount as fine to consumers. Here’s the short story:

  • Forced Payment System: Google allowed app developers to use their own payment system to sell products and services inside their apps. However, this did not come on a silver platter. This meant app makers had to pay Google a fee (15% to 30%) for each sale.

  • Limited Choices for Consumers: Because Google’s payment system was the only option, people buying apps and in-app items had fewer choices on how to pay.

The Lawsuit Against Google Google Lawsuit

  • The Lawsuit: The US government and some app makers sued Google in 2019, saying this wasn’t fair competition.

  • The Settlement: In December 2023, a jury agreed and Google had to make changes:

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    • Lower Fees: Google has to charge app makers less (11% to 26%) to use their payment system.
    • More Payment Options: App makers can now offer their own way to pay inside their apps. In this case, consumers will not have to forcefully use Google’s system.
    • Price Freedom: App makers can now set their own prices without asking Google first.

Google to Pay $700 Million to App Store Users Google Lawsuit

  • Big Payout: Google has to pay $630 million to people who bought apps or in-app items between 2016 and 2023 (you might get at least $2!). They’ll also pay $70 million to different states.

  • What it Means: This is good news for app makers and people who buy apps. There’s more competition now, so you might see lower prices and more choices for how to pay. Plus, some of you might even get some money back from Google!

  • Keep an Eye Out: If you bought apps on the Google Play Store between 2016 and 2023, you might get a message from Google about how to claim your part of the money.

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