Xiaomi HyperOS 1.5 Update: What’s New and Improved?

HyperOS 1.5

Great news for Xiaomi phone users! Xiaomi has released a significant update for their operating system, unofficially called HyperOS 1.5. This update focuses on improvements and new features designed to make your phone experience smoother, faster, and more enjoyable.

Main Highlights of the Xiaomi HyperOS 1.5HyperOS 1.5

The new HyperOS 1.5 update brings a variety of improvements to Xiaomi devices. Here’s a list of compatible devices and their corresponding software versions:

  • Xiaomi 14 Pro: OS1.0.45.0.UNBCNXM
  • Xiaomi 14: OS1.0.42.0.UNCCNXM
  • Xiaomi 14 Ultra: OS1.0.15.0.UNACNXM
  • Redmi K60 Ultra: OS1.0.15.0.UMLCNXM
  • Xiaomi MIX 4: OS1.0.3.0.UKMCNXM

Xiaomi Travel Assistant in HyperOS 1.5

Great news for frequent travelers who use Xiaomi phones! The latest HyperOS 1.5 update brings a long-awaited feature: a smart Travel Assistant.

Here’s what you can expect with the Travel Assistant:

  • No More Missed Trips: The Travel Assistant helps you stay organized by automatically reminding you of your upcoming train and flight itineraries.
  • Say Goodbye to Paper Tickets: The assistant integrates with popular travel booking services, potentially allowing you to view your tickets directly within the app (details on supported services are awaited).
  • One-Stop Travel Hub: With the Travel Assistant, you might have a central location to manage all your travel information, making trip planning and information access a breeze (specific functionalities are yet to be revealed).

This update is significant because Xiaomi was previously the only major Chinese phone manufacturer lacking a built-in travel assistant feature. HyperOS 1.5 finally closes that gap, offering a more convenient travel experience for Xiaomi users.

The update is expected to reach all compatible devices by mid-July. Keep an eye out for a notification prompting you to update your phone’s software and enjoy the new Travel Assistant features!

Camera Improvements for Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra

The highly anticipated HyperOS 1.5 update brings a treasure trove of improvements specifically for your device’s camera system. Here’s a breakdown of the exciting new features and optimizations you can look forward to:

  • Enhanced Portrait Mode: The update introduces a brand-new portrait mode with a dedicated 120mm focal length. This allows you to capture stunning portraits with a different perspective compared to the standard portrait lens.
  • Flexible Focal Length Control: HyperOS 1.5 empowers you with more control over focal length in photo mode. You can now choose from preset main camera focal lengths (23mm, 28mm, and 35mm) for more creative control over your shots.
  • Improved Zooming: The update streamlines the zoom function within photo mode. Switching between different zoom levels (10x, 30x, and 60x) is now faster and smoother, allowing you to capture distant details with ease.
  • Master Portrait Mode Expanded: This update broadens the horizons of the “Master Portrait” mode. It now supports portrait styles across a wider range of focal lengths (23mm to 75mm), offering more creative options for capturing portraits that truly pop.
  • 16-bit RAW for Pro-Level Detail: Unleash your inner professional photographer with the introduction of 16-bit DNG photo capture. This allows you to preserve a higher level of detail and nuance in your photos, perfect for post-processing and achieving stunning results.

HyperOS 1.5 Brings Improvements in Apps PerformanceHyperOS 1.5

One of the most frustrating things can be a phone that takes forever to open apps or lags when switching between them. Thankfully, the HyperOS 1.5 update tackles this issue head-on for Xiaomi users.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Faster App Launches: Xiaomi claims the update optimizes app launch times, significantly reducing something they call “Cara” (presumably referring to launch delays). This translates to smoother and faster app opening, eliminating those annoying wait times.
  • Seamless App Switching: Multitasking will feel more fluid with the update. Switching between apps should be noticeably faster and more responsive, allowing you to jump between tasks without any lag.

While we haven’t seen the figures Xiaomi mentions, user reports and your own experience after the update will be the true test. But based on the claims, it seems like HyperOS 1.5 will make a big difference in how quickly and smoothly your Xiaomi phone runs.

Gizchina News of the week

Lockscreen Accidental Touches ImprovementsHyperOS 1.5

Ever accidentally activate features like flashlight or camera when taking your Xiaomi phone out of your pocket? You’re not alone! But fear not, Xiaomi users, because the wait is over. HyperOS 1.5 brings a much-requested optimization to prevent these accidental touches on the lock screen.

Here’s the good news:

  • Smarter Lock Screen: The update adjusts the way the lock screen interprets long presses. This means it’s less likely for accidental touches to trigger functions like flashlight or camera when your phone is locked.
  • Peace of Mind: No more unintended phone calls or unwanted app launches from your pocket. This optimization should give you peace of mind and prevent accidental actions while your phone is locked.
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Full Changelog of HyperOS 1.5


  • Enhanced Application Preloading: Makes applications launch faster. It provides an¬†optimized strategy for startup animation, reducing application startup delay.
  • Optimized system resource recovery:¬†Enhanced fluency of applications when switching between.
  • Improved memory usage:¬†Makes the application ‚ÄúVibrato‚ÄĚ smoother. Fixed an issue with the notifications: Resolved a possible system restart issue that may happen when too many notifications occur.


  • Cloud Synchronization Fix:Fixes a failure occurring when note attachment data exceeds 20MB.

Control Center

  • Quick switches fix:¬†This solves an issue whereby some quick switches fail with low probability.


  • New travel assistant function: It‚Äôs intelligent and remembers train and flight schedules.
  • Improved loading speed:¬†Enhances the performance of the minus one screen.
  • Fixed zoom animation: Resolves unusual behavior when clicking the music widget.
  • Fixed clock widget:¬†It resolves display anomalies when the user adds this widget.

Lock Screen

  • Optimized long press trigger strategy:¬†Facilitates avoidance of casual touch.


  • Alarm fix:¬†It solves the situation where after having rung, the alarm could not be turned off by pressing the button.


  • Button sensitivity optimized: Enhances responsiveness.


  • Optimized video sync strategy:¬†This gives a smoother playback.
  • Fixed preview load times:¬†Fixes delays while loading previews after generating many pictures.
  • Fixed photo time loss:¬†Resolves scenario where incorrect dates are set due to cloud sync failures.
  • Fixed deleted photo re-appearing:¬†Handles re-appearing deleted photos when synchronizing with the cloud.
  • Fixed time cards playback:¬†Fixes issues on some models.
  • Fixed abnormal preview display:¬†Resolves issues when taking many photos in succession.

File Management

  • Optimized the speed of loading the file list:¬†Improved responsiveness.

Mobile Manager

  • Optimized physical examination scores:¬†improving accuracy.

Status Bar and Notification Bar

  • Fixed notification icon display:¬†Fixing issues so single-line icons display fully.
  • Fixed blank notifications:¬†Fixed issue with only icons being displayed. ‚Äď
  • Fixed 5G icon:¬†Fixed for font size change or switch to third-party fonts.


The latest update for Xiaomi’s HyperOS, unofficially dubbed the “June Big Package,” is a significant step forward, addressing user feedback and technical shortcomings in a major way. While currently rolling out to select models (Xiaomi 14 series and Redmi K60 Ultra), this update demonstrates Xiaomi’s commitment to user experience and promises wider availability soon.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes HyperOS 1.5 a user-focused update:

  • Responding to User Feedback: Xiaomi has clearly listened to its users. The update addresses numerous pain points reported by the community, including app launch delays, accidental lock screen touches, and the lack of a travel assistant feature.
  • Performance Enhancements: HyperOS 1.5 optimizes system resources, leading to faster app launches, smoother app switching, and improved overall responsiveness. This translates to a noticeably smoother user experience.
  • Camera Upgrades (Xiaomi 14 Ultra): Xiaomi 14 Ultra users are in for a treat. The update brings significant camera improvements, including a new portrait mode, flexible focal length control, enhanced zooming options, and the ability to capture professional-grade 16-bit RAW photos.
  • Travel Assistant Integration: Finally! Xiaomi users can now enjoy a built-in Travel Assistant. This feature helps you stay organized by providing smart reminders for train and flight itineraries, potentially offering ticket viewing within the app, and creating a central hub for managing all your travel information.
  • Improved Security: Though details are limited, Xiaomi assures users that HyperOS 1.5 incorporates security improvements to keep their phones safe.

Overall, HyperOS 1.5 is a substantial update that demonstrates Xiaomi’s dedication to improving the user experience. With a focus on performance, camera capabilities (for Xiaomi 14 Ultra), long-awaited features like the Travel Assistant, and security enhancements, this update is a welcome addition for Xiaomi 14, Xiaomi 14 Pro, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, and Redmi K60 Ultra users.

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