Apple to Monetize AI with New Subscription Service: Insights from Mark Gurman

Apple Intelligence

Apple is making a major strategic move by transforming its AI functions into subscription services. This was revealed by Bloomberg reporter, Mark Gurman. In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman reveals that while initial AI features will be free, Apple plans to launch a paid service akin to iCloud+. This initiative is designed to reduce the company’s reliance on hardware upgrades and boost its service revenue.

Apple Intelligence

Apple AI Subscription

AI as a Paid Service

The New Business Model

Apple’s new business model follows the successful blueprint of iCloud+. The AI service, called “Apple Intelligence,” will initially offer a range of free features. However, Apple intends to launch a premium paid service, “Apple Intelligence+,”. This service will offer advanced AI capabilities for a monthly fee. This model ensures a continuous revenue stream from AI services. It will be similar to the company’s existing offerings like Apple Music and Apple TV+.

Initial Free Features

To attract users, Apple will roll out basic AI features at no cost. These initial features will likely include voice assistants, basic predictive text, and some level of image and voice recognition. By offering these services for free initially, Apple can build a user base and show the value of its AI. This will pave the way for the launch of more classy, paid features.

Addressing Slowing Hardware Upgrades

Diversifying Revenue Streams

One of the primary reasons behind Apple’s shift to AI subscriptions is the slowing pace of hardware upgrades. As users hold onto their devices longer, the growth rate for hardware sales is reducing. By converting AI capabilities into a paid service, Apple can diversify its revenue streams. This will help the company to avoid its reliance on hardware sales.

Aligning with Broader Objectives

This strategy aligns with Apple’s broader objective of expanding its services business. Services have become an important part of Apple’s revenue mix. It forms a good part of the company’s overall revenue stream. The launch of a subscription-based AI service represents a natural extension of this strategy. It will further boost Apple’s position as a leader in the tech services market.

Partnering with AI Giants

Strategic Collaborations

Gurman highlights that Apple will benefit from partnerships with leading AI brands. Apple plans to integrate AI services from partners like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google, and Anthropic. These deals will enable Apple to offer a wide range of AI features when iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia are released this fall. These deals not only enhance Apple’s AI capabilities but also ensure a share of the revenue generated from users using these third – party AI services.

Leveraging Expertise

By partnering with established AI leaders, Apple can leverage their expertise to deliver cutting – edge AI features. This approach allows Apple to stay at the forefront of AI innovation without having to develop all capabilities in – house. It also provides users with access to the latest trend in AI technology, enhancing their overall experience.

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Apple Intelligence

Privacy Concerns and Partnership Rejections

Commitment to Privacy

Despite its eagerness to embrace AI, Apple remains committed to its stringent privacy standards. Bloomberg previously reported that Apple declined to partner with Meta, Facebook’s parent company, due to privacy concerns. This decision shows Apple’s dedication to maintain user privacy, even at the cost of potentially lucrative deals.

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Apple’s commitment to privacy is a key differentiator in the competitive tech landscape. By prioritizing user privacy, Apple can build trust and loyalty among its customer base. This approach ensures that the company can innovate in the AI space while maintaining the high privacy standards that users have come to expect.

Expanding into the Chinese Market

Adapting to Local Demands

In addition to partnering with global AI leaders, Apple is also exploring opportunities in the Chinese market. The company recognizes the importance of adapting its services to meet the unique demands of Chinese consumers. By securing local partnerships, Apple aims to enhance its AI offerings and expand its market presence in China.

Strategic Market Expansion

China represents a huge growth opportunity for Apple. By tailoring its AI services to meet the needs of Chinese users, Apple can tap into this vast market and drive further growth. This strategy aligns with Apple’s broader objective of expanding its global footprint and increasing its service revenue.

Implications for Users

For users, the launch of a paid AI service means access to more advanced features. Apple Intelligence+ should offer better AI capabilities that go beyond what is available for free. Users who subscribe will benefit from more classy tools, potentially changing how they interact with their devices.

While the paid model offers advanced features, it also brings more costs for users. Apple will need to show the value of its premium AI services to justify the fee. By offering unique and highly useful features, Apple can ensure that users see the subscription as a good investment.

Apple intelligence

Future Prospects

Setting Industry Trends

Apple’s foray into AI subscriptions could set a new standard in the tech industry. As AI becomes increasingly integral to user experience, other brands might follow Apple’s lead. They will likely launch their own paid AI service. This trend could reshape the landscape of tech services, emphasizing the value of continuous innovation and user-centric design.

As Apple Intelligence+ rolls out, users can look forward to a host of new features that enhance their experience. Apple’s strategic deals, commitment to privacy, and focus on market expansion position the company well for success in the AI space. The coming years will be crucial as Apple navigates this new terrain and continues to drive its business forward.


Mark Gurman’s insights provide a glimpse into Apple’s strategic shift AI subscription. By introducing a paid service for advanced AI features, Apple aims to diversify its revenue streams and reduce its reliance on hardware upgrades. Partnerships with leading AI brands and a focus on privacy and market expansion further bolster Apple’s position in the competitive tech landscape. As Apple Intelligence+ rolls out, users can look forward to a host of new features that enhance their experience, while Apple continues to drive its business forward.

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