OpenAI CEO Altman says GPT-4o is “magical” but GPT-5 will bring a “huge leap”


OpenAI’s work in AI always gets a lot of buzz, and the latest news is no different. Recently, there’s been much talk about the next big thing, GPT-5. But at the Aspen Ideas Fest, OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, said GPT-5 is still in the works and not ready yet. Instead, OpenAI has rolled out a new top-tier product, GPT-4o, which Altman called “magical.”


The Road to GPT-5

Where GPT-5 Stands

At the Aspen Ideas Fest, Altman talked about where GPT-5 is right now. He said making this new AI model is a tough job and will take more time. “We are hopeful now, but there’s still a lot to do,” Altman said. The task of making GPT-5 involves many hurdles, like tricky math, data problems, and the large size of the model.

Altman’s words show that GPT-5 is still in the early stages. He likened its progress to the launch of the first iPhone. Despite its bugs, the iPhone was a game-changer and won over users. In the same way, GPT-5 is expected to take a big step forward from GPT-4.

Altman’s goal for GPT-5 is to fix what GPT-4 lacks. He has called GPT-4 “kind of bad” and “a bit of a letdown.” One big area to fix is how well it reasons. GPT-4 makes simple mistakes that even a six-year-old wouldn’t make, which can be annoying for users who need the AI to be right.

The upgrades in GPT-5 should be huge. Altman hopes the new model will show a big jump in how well it works, especially in areas where GPT-4 has stumbled. This includes better reasoning skills and fewer times when it goes off the rails with weird or wrong answers.

Meet GPT-4o: The New Star Product

A Look at GPT-4o

While the world waits for GPT-5, OpenAI has rolled out GPT-4o, their new top product. Altman called GPT-4o “magical,” though he didn’t share many details about what makes it better than GPT-4.

OpenAI GPT-4o

Features and Boosts

GPT-4o builds on GPT-4’s base, with boosts in how it gets language, the context of chats, and how it talks with users. It aims to give a smoother, smarter user feel, handling tough questions and giving better answers. This step is key as it keeps OpenAI leading in AI tech while GPT-5 is still in the works.

Use in Different Fields

The launch of GPT-4o shows OpenAI’s drive to keep getting better. It also gives users and builders a more advanced AI tool to use while GPT-5 is still being made. Fields like customer service, health care, and finance could gain a lot from GPT-4o’s skills, as it can give more clear and useful insights, making choices and work better.

The Long-Term Vision for GPT-5

At the Aspen Ideas Fest, Altman didn’t give a date for GPT-5’s launch, but he stressed that it would need time to get right. OpenAI’s Chief Tech Officer, Mira Murati, later said the new AI models should be out by the end of 2025 or early 2026. This long timeline shows how hard it is to make such a model.

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Murati’s thoughts on GPT-5 also give a peek into OpenAI’s big plans for the model. She said GPT-5 should reach PhD-level smarts in some tasks. This would be a big step in AI’s growth, letting AI handle tough, special tasks with high skill and insight.

The growth of GPT-5 means a big leap in AI tech. Reaching PhD-level smarts in some tasks would let AI tackle more tricky and nuanced problems, giving solutions that are out of reach for today’s models. This step could change many fields, from health care and learning to finance and more.

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Boosting AI Skills

One main goal for GPT-5 is to boost its reasoning and insight skills. Current models, like GPT-4, have been hit for sometimes losing track and not making sense in long talks. GPT-5 aims to fix these flaws by using advanced math that copies how humans reason and get things, making the AI more steady and good at tricky tasks.

GPT-4o launch

Another key aim for GPT-5 is to cut bias and boost fairness in what it makes. Past models have been hit for showing biases in their training data. OpenAI is working hard on ways to cut these biases, making sure GPT-5 gives more fair and unbiased outputs. This is crucial for keeping AI trust and right use in areas like law, health, and money.

Improving how users chat with AI is also a top goal for GPT-5. OpenAI wants the AI to be more easy to use, with better context memory and custom replies. By knowing user likes and fitting to each chat style, GPT-5 could give a more engaging and useful user feel, boosting user trust and joy.

The Future of AI with GPT-5

The boosts in GPT-5 could change many fields by giving smart solutions that were not possible before. In health care, for instance, AI with PhD-level smarts could help in finding diseases, giving treatment plans, and doing medical research with top skill. In learning, it could offer custom teaching, grading help, and course work design, changing how we teach and learn.

As AI tech grows, ethical points are key. OpenAI is set on making sure GPT-5’s growth and use follow ethical rules and put user privacy and data safety first. This means clear talks about what the AI can and can’t do, plus strong steps to stop misuse and make sure it follows laws and rules.

The path to GPT5 is one OpenAI does not walk alone. The firm works with schools, industry partners, and rule makers to make sure AI tech growth matches what society needs and values. This teamwork sparks new ideas while tackling the risks and problems tied to advanced AI systems.


The road to GPT5 is a tough and big one, full of both challenges and chances. While the AI world waits for its launch, OpenAI keeps pushing the limits of what their current models can do. The launch of GPT-4o gives a look into the future of AI, offering better skills and paving the way for the next big step with GPT5.

As OpenAI works toward the GPT5 launch, planned for late 2025 or early 2026, the firm’s drive to push AI tech forward is clear. The gains in GPT5 will not only boost the AI’s performance but also widen its uses, making it a key tool in many fields. OpenAI’s pledge to ethical AI growth and teamwork in new ideas makes sure these techs will be used wisely, making their good impact on society as big as possible. As we look to the future of AI, GPT5 shines as a sign of what can be done when cutting-edge tech meets big dreams.

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