How to Change Your Voice from Male to Female With Vozard: A Comprehensive Guide

Imagine having access to a male to female voice changer tool that transforms your voice instantly. The possibilities are endless! With this interesting feature, you can enhance privacy in online chats. Also, you create diverse content or immerse yourself in female roles during gameplay. Of course, if you’re here for pranking friends, then the feature will help you greatly. 

Among male to female voice changers, Vozard stands out. It’s renowned for its seamless compatibility with popular platforms and exceptional voice quality. Discover how Vozard works and unlock the full potential of this really interesting male to female voice changer.

Best Way to Change Voice From Male to Female

AI is revolutionizing many areas of our world, and voice recording is certainly among them. AI is able to perfectly recreate voices based on samples. We are seeing voices from famous actors being recreated, and your favorite singers singing music that they never actually sang. Obviously, AI also allows you to seamlessly change your voice from male to female and vice-versa.

Vozard is an AI-powered voice changer that can turn your voice from male to female. A quick download and install on your computer will unlock the possibilities. The highlights of Vozard include:

  • High-Quality Voice:

Vozard adopts AI-enhanced algorithms to change your voice into the target character. Vozard is a real-time voice changer, that leads to a natural and lifelike voice change.

  • Excellent Compatibility

It integrates seamlessly with popular gaming, live streaming, and online chat platforms. It includes Discord, Twitch, OBS, Zoom, Fortnite, Roblox and more.

  • Rich Sounds Library

The app comes with a vast library with multiple voice effects. From celebrities to cartoon characters, from video game figures to movie roles! It is constantly updating its voice library. 

  • Three Voice-Changing Methods

Vozard gives three voice-changing options – real-time mode, recorded mode, and uploaded file mode. It can easily satisfy the need of users for instant talking or content creation. 

  • Customization and Control

The app lets you modify and customize the pitch and tone to create a unique female voice. 

Vozard has different tones for the male to female voice changing

When it comes to changing a male voice to a female, Vozard can get you covered in multiple ways. Besides its rich features, the app comes with multiple voice tones and modes to improve your experience. 

The app has different voice effects. You can adopt an anime girl voice, a college girl voice, and a lady voice. The app also features multiple female celebrities’ AI voices such as Taylor Swift and Emma Watson. 

How to Change Voice From Male to Female with Vozard 

Below we will teach you in simple steps about how to change your voice from male to female using the app. 

Step 1: After downloading Vozard, look to the left side of the dashboard and pick the option “Real-time Mode” with the Microphone icon.

Step 2: Go to the Settings Page and choose the microphone hardware via the drop-down menu and the speaker. The option allows you to change the volume of each (microphone and speaker). You can also enable noise reduction for higher-quality audio.

Step 3: The main interface will show various personas you can change your voice into. It’s split into different categories. These include Cartoon, Celebrity, and Cinematic. Toggle the “Change Voice” on and slide the pitch length, throat width, and pitch shift as desired. Try it first before proceeding to log into a game or streaming platform.

male to female voice change

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Step 4: Alternatively, you can select the Recorded Mode and start recording your own audio. Once the recording is complete, a list with voice effects will become available. Choose one and customize it according to your liking. A button that says “start voice changing” will appear. Activate it and the recorded voice will change.

male to female voice change

Step 5: After recording and changing the voice, you can select the Export the audio and it will be ready for use!

male to female voice change

The Different Scenarios for the Voice-Changing Effect

As we’ve learned, it’s pretty simple to change your voice from male to female with Vozard. If you’re curious about the reasons for using this feature, there are many scenarios in which this feature can be really useful.

  • Gaming:

Let’s say you’re playing in a role-play gaming mode and want to make your character look more realistic. Or perhaps, you’re trying to immerse yourself into the character but you’re a male and your character is a female. Moreover, you may want to become a gamer girl. Then, Vozard can be really useful with the voice-changing feature. Nowadays, there are multiple online games in which players are constantly immersing themselves in the so-called Role-Play Mode. The feature might be useful in these scenarios.

  • Online Chat:

There are two sides to the coin here, but if you’re trying to play with someone or prank a friend, you can easily change your voice and let your friends be confused with your new voice.

  • Content Creation:

If you’re a content creator, then this feature becomes really useful. Perhaps, you’re in the comedy area and want to create a new innovative video. You can prank your viewers with a different voice. This is just the surface, if you’re a content creator telling history, you can change a male voice to a female without needing multiple voice actors for your multiple characters.

FAQs About Male to Female Voice Changers

Is Vozard Free?

The AI voice changer offers a handful set of features in the free version. However, if you want to go beyond and unlock all its capabilities, you can subscribe to its paid tier.

Is the Male to Female Voice Changer Safe to Use?

Yes, Vozard ensures the security and integrity of its users. The software is recognized by security leaders as “safe”. Also, it is SSL-secured as well.

Is Changing Voices Legal?

In essence, the voice changers are completely legal. If you’re playing and changing your voice for fun, then you won’t dive into any kind of issue. The situation is a bit different when you’re playing some online games or using services. Be aware of the fact that misleading people in online chats and making them think you’re a different person isn’t considered legal. So, use the feature with consciousness.


As we can conclude, Vozard is a versatile male to female voice changer that offers numerous applications from enhancing privacy in online chats to creating diverse content and immersive gaming experiences. Vozard is boosted by AI-powered capabilities, including high-quality voice transformation, excellent platform compatibility, and a rich library of voice effects. The app offers customization options to achieve different female voices. There are various practical scenarios like gaming, online chat, and content creation where Vozard can be particularly useful.

Disclaimer: We may be compensated by some of the companies whose products we talk about, but our articles and reviews are always our honest opinions. For more details, you can check out our editorial guidelines and learn about how we use affiliate links.

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