Epic Games Store Unveils Next Week’s Free Game

Epic Games Store

Get ready to plan and build your deck! Epic Games Store has revealed an exciting free game for next week, and it’s a title that injects a dose of digital nostalgia into the mix.

Upcoming Free Epic Games Store Game: Floppy Knights

Following the recent giveaway of Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition and The Falconeer, Epic Games Store is keeping the free games train rolling with Floppy Knights. It is an indie gem that merges turn-based strategy with deck-building mechanics.

Developed by Rose City Games and published by Those Awesome Guys, Floppy Knights offers a captivating experience for players who enjoy both genres. This Epic Games Store free game takes place in a vibrant, cartoon-styled world. In this world, fantasy elements blend with technology.

What the Story of This Upcoming Free Game Is About

The story centers around Phoebe, a brilliant young inventor who creates the titular Floppy Knights. These digital warriors, stored on floppy disks – a delightful nod to the bygone era of computing – become Phoebe’s loyal companions. Aiding her is Carlton, her trusty robotic arm, adding another layer of charm to the game’s quirky cast.

Floppy Knights on Epic Games Store

Strategic Deckbuilding Meets Tactical Combat on This Upcoming Epic Games Store Game

At its heart, Floppy Knights features strategic turn-based combat played out on grid-based maps. Players command their team of Floppy Knights using cards drawn from a customizable deck. These cards determine available actions like movement, attacks, and powerful special abilities. This innovative approach to unit control adds a layer of strategic depth. It also adds a thrilling unpredictability to the traditional turn-based format. Players need to adapt their tactics based on the cards they draw.

Floppy Knights

Building the Perfect Deck for Victory

The deck-building aspect of Floppy Knights is central to its gameplay. As players progress through the campaign mode, they can get new cards. These allowing them to tailor their decks to specific strategies or challenges. This system fosters a high degree of personalization and replayability. Different card combinations can unlock different tactical approaches.

Floppy Knights has garnered praise for its delightful art style. It complements its lighthearted tone and imaginative premise. The game’s visuals strike a delightful balance between cute and quirky. This element should make the upcoming free Epic Games Store game appeal to a broad audience.

Deck on Floppy Knights

Critical Acclaim for The Upcoming Free Epic Games Store Game

Both critics and players have responded positively to Floppy Knights. Both commented its innovative take on both the strategy and deck-building genres. The game’s ability to blend these elements, while remaining approachable for newcomers, has been particularly well-received. It offers enough depth to please seasoned strategy gamers while remaining welcoming for those new to either genre.

So, mark your calendars! Floppy Knights will be available for free on the Epic Games Store from July 11th.

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