Apple Approves Epic Games Store in EU After Public Dispute

Epic Games Vs Apple

Apple has finally approved the Epic Games Store in the European Union. This decision came after Epic Games accused Apple of unfairly rejecting their app. Epic Games argued that Apple’s actions broke E.U. law. This approval marks a key event in the ongoing tension between the two firms.

Epic Games’ Public Complaint

On Friday morning, the Epic Games Newsroom posted on X about the issue. They accused Apple of rejecting their app twice. The reason given was the app’s similarities to Apple’s App Store. Specifically, Apple took issue with the “Install” button and “In-app buys” label. Epic Games said these are standard terms in the field. They felt Apple was being unfair and obstructive.

Epic Games Store approval

Epic Games claimed that Apple’s rejection was unfounded. According to Epic, naming buttons “Install” and “In-app buys” is standard in the field. They argued that Apple’s actions were not only unfair but also obstructive. Furthermore, Epic Games accused Apple of breaking the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA is designed to promote fair play in the digital market by stopping large tech firms from misusing their market power.

The Complaint Goes Viral

The posts by Epic Games quickly gained attention online. They received over 811,400 views and 5,000 likes in a few minutes. Many people supported Epic Games in their dispute with Apple. They felt Apple’s actions were unfair and a breach of the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

The public outcry was huge. Many users showed their anger with Apple’s tight rules. The posts went viral, showing the bigger issue of fair play in the tech field. This public pressure likely pushed Apple to rethink their stance on the Epic Games Store submission.

Apple Changes Course

A few hours after the initial post, Epic Games shared an update. In the update, it said Apple had accepted their submission. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney also shared the news. He said that progress was back on track.

Epic Games Store approval

This quick change by Apple was a welcome development for Epic Games. The acceptance of their submission allowed them to proceed with their plans for the Epic Games Store in the European market. However, this win came with a note. Apple asked that Epic Games make their Marketplace less like the App Store in the future. This request shows Apple’s wish to keep a distinct look for their App Store.

Apple’s Official Response

Apple confirmed the approval of the Epic Games Store. They stated that the Epic Sweden AB Marketplace app was now approved. However, Apple asked Epic Games to make their Marketplace less like the App Store in the future. This request suggests Apple wants to keep a distinct look for their App Store.

Apple’s statement highlighted their goal of keeping the integrity of their App Store. By asking Epic Games to change their Marketplace, Apple aims to avoid any mix-up among users. This move is also likely an attempt to safeguard their market stance and avoid further scrutiny under the DMA.

The Ongoing Battle

Epic Games has been in a long fight against app store firms like Apple and Google. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has said these firms take unfair cuts of revenue. He believes app makers have few options outside of these major app stores.

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Epic Games’ fight with Apple and Google is part of a bigger push for fair play in the digital marketplace. Tim Sweeney has been vocal about the need for change. He argues that the high fees imposed by major app stores stifle new ideas and limit choices for app makers. This, in turn, affects consumers who end up with fewer and more costly options.

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E.U. Commission Investigation

In June, the E.U. commission announced an investigation into Apple. The investigation is for noncompliance with the DMA. The E.U. has concerns about the Apple App Store’s rules. They believe Apple does not allow app makers to be free from the App Store.

The E.U. commission’s investigation is a key development. It aims to see if Apple’s rules are in breach of the DMA. If found guilty, Apple could face huge fines and be forced to change its ways. This investigation shows the importance of regulatory oversight in ensuring fair play.

The DMA is a law aimed at promoting fair play in the digital market. It seeks to stop large tech firms from misusing their market power. The law requires firms like Apple to allow more freedom for app makers. This means app makers should have more control over their apps and revenue.

Apple Vs Epic

Epic Games’ Stance

Epic Games has been vocal about the need for fair play. They believe that large app store firms take too much revenue. Epic Games wants to see more options for app makers. They argue that this would lead to better services and prices for consumers.

Epic Games’ stance is rooted in the belief that fair play benefits everyone. By pushing for lower fees and more freedom for makers, they hope to create a more dynamic and diverse app field. This, in turn, would lead to better services and more competitive prices for consumers.

Public Support for Epic Games

Many people support Epic Games in their fight against Apple. They believe that fair play is key for new ideas. By allowing more options for app makers, consumers will benefit. The public’s response to Epic Games’ posts shows widespread worry about Apple’s rules.

Public support has been a key factor in Epic Games’ fight against Apple. Many users feel that Apple’s rules are too tight and unfair. The widespread support for Epic Games shows the growing demand for transparency and fairness in the tech field.

The Future of App Stores

The approval of the Epic Games Store in the E.U. is a key step. It shows that public pressure and legal action can lead to change. However, the fight is far from over. Epic Games and other app makers will continue to push for fairer rules. The outcome of the E.U. commission’s investigation will be crucial.

The future of app stores depends on the outcome of ongoing legal and regulatory fights. If regulators continue to crack down on unfair practices, it could lead to big changes in how app stores work. This would benefit makers and consumers alike, fostering a more competitive and innovative digital marketplace.


The approval of the Epic Games Store in the E.U. is a win for Epic Games. It shows that large tech firms like Apple can be held to account. The ongoing fight for fair play in the digital market is key. It ensures that app makers have more control over their work. This leads to better options and prices for consumers. As the investigation into Apple continues, the future of app stores remains unclear. However, the approval of the Epic Games Store is a step in the right direction.

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