Why Google Struggles to Convince iPhone Users to Switch to its Apps

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Many people use Apple iPhones, and most of them search the web with Safari, the built-in browser. This creates a challenge for Google, the world’s most popular search engine. Google pays Apple a large sum of money (around $20 billion) to be the default search engine on iPhones. This means when someone types a search on their iPhone, Google does the search behind the scenes.

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However, Google wants people to use its own apps for searching, not just Safari. This way, Google can show users more ads and make more money. Over the past few years, Google has tried a few things to get more iPhone users to switch to its apps.

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One idea was to offer special features only in the Google apps, like tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Another idea was to let people upload short videos directly in Google Search, similar to TikTok and YouTube Shorts. But Google decided not to do these things because they might upset people who prefer using Safari.

So far, Google hasn’t had much success in getting more people to use its apps on iPhones. Five years ago, only 25% of iPhone searches went through Google apps. Today, that number is only slightly higher, at 30%. Google would like that number to be much bigger, closer to 50%.

There are a few reasons why Google might be struggling. People might be so used to Safari that they don’t want to switch. Some people might also worry that Google apps collect too much personal information. Additionally, Apple offers its own set of apps for many things, which some people might prefer to use.

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In the future, Google will need to find new ways to attract iPhone users to its apps. They might need to work with Apple to find solutions that everyone likes. They might also need to focus on making their apps even better and offering features that people can’t get anywhere else. It’s important for Google to keep user privacy a top priority as well.

As technology keeps changing, Google will need to adapt its approach to succeed in the iPhone app market.

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