Cambridge Audio Melomania P100 Bring Audiophile Audio Without a Hefty Price

Cambridge Audio Melomania P100

Cambridge Audio, a famous brand for top-notch sound systems, is making a splash in the headphone world with their first ever over-ear headphones, the Melomania P100. This exciting release follows their well-received Melomania M100 wireless earbuds, known for their amazing sound at a budget-friendly price.

Powerful Sound Performance of Melomania P100

Cambridge Audio Melomania P100

The Melomania P100 features big, 40mm drivers built to deliver rich, detailed sound. These special drivers have three layers and strong magnets for outstanding audio quality. To make the listening experience even better, Cambridge Audio uses a special kind of amplification (Class AB) found in their high-end hi-fi amplifiers. This means strong, clear sound, just like what Cambridge Audio is known for.

Wireless Freedom with High-Quality Audio

Cambridge Audio Melomania P100

Normal Bluetooth headphones often have lower sound quality because the signal is compressed to fit through the limited Bluetooth connection. The Melomania P100 tackles this problem. They use Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless technology to send very detailed audio, just like CD quality (16-bit/44.1kHz), without any compression. This lets the headphones use their 40mm drivers to their fullest, giving you crystal-clear sound straight to your ears. For even more flexibility, the Melomania P100 also works with SBC, AAC, and aptX Adaptive codecs, so they’ll work with most devices and play high-resolution audio files up to 24-bit/96kHz.

Long Battery Life of Melomania P100

Cambridge Audio Melomania P100

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The Melomania P100 boasts an impressive battery life, living up to Cambridge Audio’s reputation for innovation. With noise canceling turned on, you can get a whopping 60 hours of playback from a single charge. Turning noise canceling off lets you listen for an even more amazing 100 hours – perfect for long trips or weekend getaways. Even with everyday use, you’re guaranteed great battery performance. And for those times you need a quick charge, the Melomania P100 gives you two hours of listening time with just a five-minute charge. This jumps to four hours with noise canceling off, so you can keep the music going without a hitch.

Customize Your Listening Experience

Cambridge Audio Melomania P100

Just like the M100, the Melomania P100 uses the Melomania app to let you adjust your listening experience. Audiophiles can rejoice! The app has a well-designed 7-band equalizer, letting you fine-tune the sound exactly how you like it. Create your ideal sound and save your settings as custom EQ presets for easy access later.

The app also comes with six other EQ presets for different music styles, so you can always have the perfect sound for any mood or song. Gamers, listen up! The Melomania P100 has a special Gaming Mode to help you win. This clever feature lowers the audio delay to just 80ms, making sure there’s no lag between what happens on screen and the sounds you hear.

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Melomania P100 Deliver Great Value for Amazing Sound

The Cambridge Audio Melomania P100 is a great choice for music lovers who want exceptional sound quality without spending a fortune. While high-quality over-ear headphones can be very expensive, the Melomania P100 is a breath of fresh air. Cambridge Audio offers this feature-packed package for a very reasonable price of $279 (€279 in Europe, £229 in the UK).

This attractive price tag makes the Melomania P100 a serious contender in the over-ear headphone market. With its impressive audio quality, long battery life, and customizable listening experience, the Melomania P100 stands out as a leader in value.

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