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Azdome dab211

Since the launch of the Ambarella DAB211 HDR dash cam, the Chinese company has kept coming up with new interesting details about the camera. From …

Azdome DAB211

Since Azdome was born, their dash cams and thus the company have been well received by consumers. Their products are usually a great mix between …

Azdome DAB211

If you’re looking for a car dash cam and your main goal is to get an affordable but at the same time advanced and high …


If you’re looking for a great bang-for-the-buck car dash cam, then you’re probably checking out some of Azdome’s products. To make your life a little …

Azdome DAB211

Chinese eletronics maker Azdome launched the Ambarella A12 equipped dash cam DAB211 around two months back. The camera can record 1440p videos, features a really …

i999 Philips

A new Philips smartphone in the i999 just leaked via TENAA, showcasing interesting specs including a 2K screen, 3GB RAM and more.

Specs sheet of Samsung’s next-in-line phablet spearhead, the Galaxy Note 4 was just spotted on an AnTuTu listing which seemingly confirms an Exynos variant.

The LG G3’s Optimus UI just leaked via a set of screenshots, confirming a revamped UI and a QHD display while at it.

Apart from continuing to expand through markets international, China’s OPPO are also working on the release of their next big thing, i.e., the OPPO Find 7.

While every kid on the block knows about the ‘flagship’ 2560 x 1440p display resolution variant of the upcoming OPPO Find 7, a surprise in the form of a lower-res variant recently hit us.

That 1440p displays are the next big thing is not hard to guess. LG is another manufacturer on the verge of jumping the 1440p gun with the upcoming G3.

At a time when 1440p displays and 8 core CPUs are ruling the roost with smartphones, China’s Lenovo are preparing an FHD tablet with a Qualcomm heart!

According to a report coming in from Samsung’s home country, the manufacturing giant has started mass-producing 5.25 inch 1440p displays.