LG Display Announces Industry’s First 480 Hz QHD OLED Gaming Monitor for CES 2024

LG Display 480 Hz gaming monitor

CES 2024 announcements are coming in strong. For those wondering, CES, which is the acronym for Consumer Electronics Show, is a global stage for all manufacturers to showcase their innovative products. LG Display has just announced one of its innovative solutions for gamers.

It has unveiled the industry’s first 480 Hz QHD OLED gaming monitor. LG Display will be fully showcasing this gaming display at CES 2024, which is set to start tomorrow. With this, the company says that it will be starting a new era of OLED displays with ultra-high refresh rates.

About the New LG Display OLED 480 Hz Gaming Monitor

The new LG Display gaming monitor takes advantage of the company’s unique OLED technology. This tech allows each of the pixels on the screen to independently emit light. As the tech eliminates the need for a backlight unit, the gaming display becomes capable of delivering an unprecedented refresh rate.

For those wondering, this gaming monitor’s 480 Hz refresh rate means it can output 480 images per second. A higher refresh rate leads to smoother motions, as the display can offer more images per second. Rapid screen transitions appear natural too. It also allows gamers to take full advantage of their gaming setups that can offer high overall frame rates.

LG Display 480 Hz gaming monitor

But the 480 Hz refresh rate isn’t the only thing that makes the new LG Display gaming monitor stand out. The gaming gear can offer an immersive QHD resolution, standing at 2560 x 1440 pixels. In addition, the panel is rated at a 0.03 ms response rate, which will result in a highly responsive visual experience.

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All of these features of the gaming display should equate to a redefined gaming experience. As a matter of fact, this 480 Hz LG Display monitor will be a major upgrade for competitive gamers. It will offer an upper hand for taking the lead in intense matches.

The Gaming Monitor Also Pushes the Image Quality to the Next Level

As for the image quality, LG Display has integrated cutting-edge META Technology. With Micro Lens Array (MLA), the panel can ensure maximum emission of organic light and minimum light reflections. These two take the viewing experience further and allow you to enjoy every content on the screen.

LG gaming

In addition, the new LG Display gaming monitor is rated for the industry’s lowest level of blue light. To be specific, the company says it’s half the amount of the blue light emission of premium LCD gaming displays that are in the market. This reduction in blue light can significantly minimize eye fatigue.

The lower blue light emission will also let the new LG gaming monitor ensure flickers. As a result, gamers will be set to get a more comfortable and much more enjoyable gaming session.

Availability of the New LG Display Gaming Monitor

LG Display will be launching the new 480 Hz QHD OLED gaming monitor in 27-inch first. This will be the only option for the first half of this year. Later down the line, the company will make the monitor available in 31.5, 34, 39, and 45 inches.

All the models will be showcased at CES 2024, which means you can have an early look at what LG has in store for gamers. Pricing information for the new monitors will also be revealed at the event. We will keep you updated when more information emerges.

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