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fast charger

Xiaomi has recalled its ultra-fast 65-watt charger with gallium nitride technology (Xiaomi GaN Type-C 65W). It went on sale simultaneously with the Xiaomi Mi 10 …


Fast chargers will be always in demand, because our homes are always getting cluttered with hungry devices and it’s so easy to misplace your one …

Besterk Snail Charger

With the evergrowing amount of gadgets in your home the need for extra chargers and cables is as high as ever. So maybe it’s the …

360 n4 phone

360’s new N4 Android smartphone will be another phone that features super fast charging capabilities.

umi zero 1000

Tomorrow UMi will release a limted quantity of UMi Zero smartphones to international customers with immediate shipping for $199.99.

elephone p5000

The Elephone P5000 enters Elephone’s miss mash of phones with, home button embedded fingerprint reader, 2GB RAM and large battery.

umi zero

The UMi Zero is a seriously impressive looking phone, but $300 is a little rich for us however here is a chance to get the 6.4mm alloy for for just $150.