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POCO M3 India

The Chinese brand Poco, which proclaimed its independence from Xiaomi, has presented a new version of the low-cost Poco M3 smartphone with a capacious battery. …

meizu pro 6

Meizu could be set to launch as many as 7 phones this year according to a leaked roadmap containing naming, pricing and partial specs.

elephone p9000 review

China’s Elephone never cease to be exciting. Their latest PR stunt involves their gadgets being auctioned!

goophone m3

At just $99.99 this knock-off Xiaomi Mi3 from GooPhone could be quite an attractive buy for budget minded phone shoppers.

Xiaomi’s Hongmi is a marked man in the Chinese phone market! Phone companies both large and small want to take on the low-cost phone, but not all of them can manage to do it!

Beidou, the Chinese phone manufacturer behind the Little Pepper line of phones, which included the cheapest dual core and quad core phones (when they were released) has announced their latest addition to the controversial line of phones.

No.1 continue to launch one clone after another their latest being a $200 clone of the extremely popular Xiaomi Mi3!

Leaked rendering claim to show off the next generation Xiaomi M3 design complete with thin bezel and 5-inch 1080p display.

Xiaomi fans rejoice, as it looks like we could be seeing the next gen, Nvidia Tegra 4 powered Xiaomi M3 sooner rather than later!

It’s no news that Nvidia are working an all new CPU to replace the current Tegra 3, but up until today we didn’t have much …

Despite the fact many Xiaomi fans still can’t buy the Xiaomi M2 for love nor money, the Beijing based phone maker are already working on …

I’ve been suitably impressed with my Pipo Mx Android tablet with its dual-core CPU and Android Jelly Bean OS, but the new, improved, faster and …

There is a time in every tablet’s life when a factory in China decides to clone it from the ground up, and for Barnes and …