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google fit for wear os

One of the main limitations of most smartwatches is battery life (difficult to get to more than two days of battery life) but Google team …

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Wear OS

Among the strengths of the fourth generation of Apple Watch we find the electrocardiogram sensor, thanks to which the device can monitor the heart rhythm …

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Wear OS

In the recent hours, Google has launched a new update of Wear OS, this is version 2.3 of the operating system designed by the Mountain …

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Wear OS H Update

Google just released an update for the much requested – yet not largely used, at least in the entry-level market – Wear OS. The new …

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Qualcomm’s latest and newest chipset made especially for smartwatches, that puts battery life ahead of every other thing has found its way to the first smartwatch, …

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Back in March, Google released the first Developer Preview of its upcoming Android release dubbed as… Android P. Alongside the new flavor, the company released …

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Smartwatches, some people love them, some people just couldn’t care less for them. Hublot, luxury watch makers, have always been in the latter category, at least until now. Now, they’ve got their bets firmly in the former with their very first Wear OS watch, the Big Bang Referee 2018 World Cup Russia.

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