The most perfect iPad 1 knock-off arrives almost a year late!

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The fake and the original iPad


The original iPad was the tablet that changed the way the world thought about what a tablet computer should be capable of and used for. Sure the Android platform allows for a more PC like computing experience, but it was and still is the iPad which other tablets are compared to.

As such iPad knock-offs and clones have proven to be hot products in China and many other markets, but none of the clones could quite match the performance, style and function, well not until today that is!

An iPad 1 clone has finally arrived which matches the looks and performance of the original iPad, unfortunately the device has arrived almost a year to late!

The iPad clone runs Android 2.2 on a 1Ghz CPU with 512mb Ram, similar to what the original Apple iPad had, there is also 16GB of built in memory and even an option for a 3G and GPS enabled model.

395cb 18 300x189 The most perfect iPad 1 knock off arrives almost a year late!

If only they made it look like an iPad 2 or concept iPad 3!


Unlike the iPad it is based on though, this knock-off features a front camera for use with applications like Skype, built in HDMI out and also a micro SD card reader which will accept cards up to 32Gb in size.

395cb 35 300x187 The most perfect iPad 1 knock off arrives almost a year late!

Unlike a real iPad this clone has two extra Android menu buttons


The screen measures the same as the iPad and iPad 2 also, 9.7-inch, but lacks the IPS technology for better viewing at even the most extreme of viewing angles.

Pricing should be around the $200 mark once on store shelves.

Via: and Micdigi

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