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According to the latest report released by the statistical agency Canalys, PC shipments will see a positive growth in 2019 at 0.3 percent, after seven …

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ACIL H1 Earbuds

As the saying goes, “You pay what you get”. For earbuds lovers, it is widely believed that you need to pay a higher price to …

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Onikuma K9

Usually, a better weapon will help a soldier win a fight, unless an outstanding fighting strategy is involved. The same could be said for gaming, …

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Onikuma K6

It’s always a struggle to find the right pair of gaming headphones. Some are good but too pricey, others are affordable but cheaply built and …

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Dodocool DC26

PCs are great but – unlike laptops – they are very variegated and differ a lot from one another. Because of that, you often don’t …

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The PC market have met a squeezing demand in the recent years. With the wave of modern and powerful smartphones, the global margins are very …

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Dodocool DC23

Is your desktop PC placed too far away from the router, so you’re unable to connect it directly via an ethernet cable? Or maybe you …

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Apparently, the Chinese online retail store Geekbuying does not only sell smartphones and other smaller electronics, they are also in the PC / laptop business. …

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Dodocool DC37

Do you own a PC that can’t get connected to the internet through an Ethernet cable because it’s too far from the router? Then an …

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Dodocool DC26

Ever wanted to have an USB Type-C port on your PC to make your life easier but you thought you couldn’t do that without upgrading …

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The Jumper EZBook Pro is the newest Chinese Windows PC laptop to hit the market. It comes with 6GB of RAM and an Intel processor!

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The Teclast X3 Plus and the X3 Pro are two new tablets from the Chinese maker’s stable, both rather powerful and not-so-inexpensive.

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EleSecret is a flash drive that can encrypt your files and make them visible by scanning your fingerprint. It’ll be on sale 50% off starting 9th January!

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Portable gaming PCs are something that have taken off recently, especially with the advent of VR gaming. The idea is that gamers may want the …

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Huawei have recently registered the trademark “Matebook” sparking speculation that the device maker is working on its on laptop.

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xiaomi mouse mat

Although they don’t make a PC (yet) Xiaomi have extended their range of PC accessories this week to include an alloy mouse mat.

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huawei talkband b1

After announcing the Acend G6, Mediapad M1 and Mediapad X1, Huawei finished their MWC show with the Huawei TalkBand B1.

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xiaomi invests in online game company

Xiaomi have announced today that they have bought a 4.7% stake in Westhouse, Kingsoft owned online gaming company.

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With the sort of growth Google’s Android has seen in the past few years, it is only logical to try and have it running on devices other than smartphones and tablets. Android is designed to run on devices on the ARM architecture, but most desktops and laptops of today have x86 processors which aren’t natively compatible to run Android.

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If you haven’t already gained toot access on your octacore Zopo ZP998 but are worried about a complicated process then this easy one-click root is what you have been waiting for.

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