Our selection of the best laptops to buy by the end of 2023

Best laptops: Top ultrabooks
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Are you currently in the market for a new laptop? We’ve conducted comparisons among various models, including the Apple MacBook, Asus Zenbook, ROG, Lenovo Yoga, and more, to assist you in finding the optimal laptop as we approach the end of 2023.

The term “best laptop” is subjective and varies based on individual needs and preferences. What suits one person may not be ideal for another, considering factors such as operating system preferences (macOS or Windows), screen size preferences ranging from small to 17 inches, a preference for a lightweight ultraportable for easy mobility, or a high-performance machine for gaming enthusiasts. Therefore, our list encompasses the top laptops of 2023, catering to diverse uses and requirements.

The best laptops of 2023

Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED (UM5302): The Best Laptop of 202

The Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED (UM5302) takes the spotlight as the standout laptop of 2023 within Asus’ diverse range. This ultrabook offers a comprehensive package with a notable emphasis. Asus has opted for an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U chip, bringing a distinct edge to its construction. The device boasts high-quality elements, featuring elegant finishes and impressive slimness, making it the top pick in our selection, coupled with comprehensive connectivity options.

One of the Zenbook S 13’s standout features is its splendid 13.3-inch OLED display. While its brightness may be slightly modest, the impeccable quality of OLED technology sets it apart. Positioned at the screen’s summit is a webcam, which, while not exceptional, aligns with the standard quality found in comparable laptops.

Under the hood, the Zenbook S 13 is powered by the latest AMD Ryzen 7 6800U utilizing the Zen3+ architecture. The configuration includes 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and a spacious 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD storage. Although not specifically designed for resource-intensive gaming, this ultraportable excels in tasks related to office productivity and video content consumption.

Despite the formidable power of the Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED, concerns about its endurance might arise. However, tests indicate that it delivers a full day of mixed-use without faltering. The software suite is comprehensive, and with a starting price of $1,499, this laptop consistently delivers reliable performance.

Regrettably, the availability of the Zenbook S 13 OLED can be challenging on various e-commerce platforms. For a more straightforward purchase, it is advisable to explore the option of buying directly from the official Asus website. This ensures a smoother acquisition process, potentially alleviating any difficulties associated with locating the product on other online retail sites.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon (13IAP7): The Best Laptop for Office Automation

The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon (13IAP7) emerges as the optimal choice for those seeking an ultraportable laptop tailored for office-related tasks. Despite its compact design, this model delivers impressive performance. It’s important to note that, during testing, the model provided by the brand encountered a spacebar issue. While this doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem, it’s prudent to be aware of this potential flaw.

The laptop features a touch interface with a 13.3-inch LCD panel set at a 16:10 ratio and a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. The display boasts a color temperature of 6400 K and, notably, a brightness of 361 cd/m2, making it well-suited for sRGB.

In tests, the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon is equipped with the Intel Core i7-1260P CPU and 16GB of RAM. Various versions of this laptop with Intel processors cater to different budget considerations. The installed components contribute to the laptop’s robust internal power, though it’s worth noting that the bottom of the chassis tends to heat up.

The laptop’s 50 Wh battery supports all chargers utilizing the Power Delivery standard, providing endurance of 9 to 10 hours of use, as per testing. In summary, this ultraportable checks nearly all the boxes for office automation reference.

While this specific model may be becoming less available, alternatives like the Yoga Slim 7 Carbon, available in both 13-inch and 14-inch variants, present compelling options worth exploring.

Honor MagicBook 14 AMD (2022): The Best Cheap Laptop

Honor MagicBook 14 - best laptops

The Honor MagicBook 14 AMD (2022) stands out as the premier choice for those seeking an affordable laptop without compromising on quality. Priced at less than $1000, this ultraportable combines aesthetics with practicality, providing a noteworthy performance within its budget-friendly range.

Despite a somewhat classic design, this ultraportable is slightly weightier compared to its contemporaries, tipping the scales at 1.32 kilograms. Nevertheless, the aluminum chassis and a versatile 180-degree hinge contribute to excellent overall finishes, enhancing its portability.

The standout feature of the Honor MagicBook lies in its remarkable battery life, offering outstanding value for money. The 56 Wh battery, charged via USB-C with the Power Delivery standard, impressively endured a total of 13 hours and 18 minutes in testing, positioning it at the top of the ultraportable sector.

Internally, the Honor MagicBook is equipped with the AMD Ryzen 5500U processor boasting 6 cores. Complementing this is an AMD Radeon Vega 7 GPU, 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and a 256GB SSD for storage. While not designed for resource-intensive tasks, this laptop excels in handling many free-to-play games and software within its capacity.

With a price tag of $749, the Honor MagicBook frequently enjoys discounted offers, solidifying its position as our top recommendation for the best affordable laptop. Its combination of competitive pricing, reliable performance, and impressive features makes it a standout choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Asus ROG Flow X16 2022 (GV601): The All-Rounder Gaming Laptop

best laptops

The Asus ROG Flow X16 2022 (GV601) emerges as a versatile gaming laptop, seamlessly blending power and adaptability. Offering the unique ability to transform into a tablet, this device caters to diverse user needs, albeit at a considerable cost. Boasting a 16-inch QHD screen with a 165Hz refresh rate, it provides an immersive gaming experience.

The laptop’s design, presented in a subdued dark grey, earns praise for the quality of the material on the back, providing a tactile experience that is notably pleasant. The standout feature is its ability to fold 360 degrees, showcasing unprecedented adaptability, all within a manageable weight of 2.1 kg.

Internally, the ROG Flow X16 impresses with its formidable power. Featuring an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS, 32 GB of DDR5 RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card, it delivers impressive performance capable of handling demanding games. During office use, the laptop maintains a quiet operation.

However, the notable trade-off comes in the form of a slightly disappointing battery life, clocking in at six hours in our testing. This may limit its productivity for a full day’s work without sacrifices. Additionally, the high price of $3,000 positions it as a premium choice.

For those seeking cutting-edge technology, the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED offers a folding laptop experience. While innovative, its exorbitant price serves as a deterrent. Nevertheless, this serves as an intriguing exploration of folding technology in laptops, with potential developments to come.

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ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 2022 (G533Z): The Best Gaming Laptop

best laptops

In the pursuit of refreshing its gaming product lineup in 2022, Asus introduces the ROG Strix Scar 15, positioning it as a technological marvel showcasing top-tier performance equipment. Beyond its impressive specifications, this gaming laptop presents compelling features to capture your attention.

The configuration of the Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 is nothing short of formidable, featuring an Intel Core i9-12900H processor paired with either an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti or 3070 graphics card, depending on the chosen version. Accompanied by a substantial 32GB of DDR5 RAM, this combination places the laptop among the best performers in the selection, excelling in gaming and multitasking. The icing on the cake is the ability to play in QHD with a remarkable 240Hz refresh rate, thanks to the exceptional display‚ÄĒa clear indication that this laptop is purpose-built for gaming enthusiasts.

Constructed with high-end materials, the ROG Strix Scar 15 is a well-built product, showcasing durability and robustness. However, it’s worth noting that, given the immense power it wields, a certain level of bulk is expected as a trade-off. A notable drawback is the absence of a webcam, potentially limiting its utility in professional settings.

For those seeking the epitome of power, the 2023 ROG Strix Scar 17 takes center stage as the most powerful laptop available. Featuring a Ryzen 7950 processor and an RTX 4090 graphics card, this model is the go-to choice for those desiring the absolute best performance to handle any computing task. If uncompromising power is your priority, the Scar 17 stands as the pinnacle choice in the ASUS ROG gaming lineup.

Apple MacBook Pro 16 M2 Pro 2023: The Best MacBook

Apple MacBook Air 2022 - MacBook Pro OLED

The Apple MacBook Pro 16 M2 Pro 2023 takes the mantle as the best MacBook, offering a stellar combination of design, performance, and features. Remaining faithful to the sleek design and top-notch finishes of its predecessor, the 2021 MacBook Pro, Apple maintains the aesthetic appeal with unchanged chassis. The keyboard retains its pleasant feel, and the expansive touchpad continues to stand as one of the best in the industry.

This MacBook Pro still boasts the splendid mini-LED panel introduced with the iPad Pro. Delivering impressive contrast, brightness, and an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. The color accuracy and definition, at 3,456 x 2,234 pixels, contribute to one of the market’s best laptop displays. However, the presence of a notch on the screen, lacking the benefits of Face ID, may leave users with some reservations.

The major upgrade lies in the introduction of the M2 Max chip, showcasing robust power that competes effortlessly with the most powerful Intel chips. Notably, it excels in temperature management, maintaining performance even when running on battery. With an impressive battery life ranging from 9 to 10 hours, this MacBook Pro delivers exceptional endurance.

Catering to professional demands, the MacBook Pro 16 M2 Pro is especially suited for video and photography work. Making it a worthwhile investment for those with the requisite budget. However, for more basic usage such as video watching and telecommuting, the MacBook Air may be a more cost-effective choice.

Apple MacBook Air 13 M2 2022: The Most Balanced MacBook

Apple MacBook Air M2 preorder in India July 8

The Apple MacBook Air 13 M2 2022 stands out as the most balanced MacBook. Offering a compelling combination of pricing, design, and performance. Initially, its pricing created a somewhat awkward position, but with subsequent adjustments, it has become a more recommendable option, particularly in comparison to its predecessor, the M1.

The chassis undergoes a facelift, marking the first significant change since 2008. However, a potential drawback lies in the concentration of connectors on the left side of the laptop. The 13-inch 60Hz LCD screen, while good, faces comparison challenges with certain OLED models.

Powered by the Apple M2 chip, a refined version of its predecessor, the MacBook Air 13 M2 delivers reliable performance without revolutionary changes. Notably, it excels in maintaining a silent operation while effortlessly handling everyday tasks, thanks to well-optimized macOS software.

One of its standout features is impressive battery life, capable of enduring two full days of use with moderate application multitasking. However, users should be mindful of heat, as it can impact performance and reduce battery life. Charging flexibility is provided, supporting any charger compatible with the Power Delivery standard.

With a reduced price, now starting from $1,299, the MacBook Air 13 M2 becomes an attractive option. Additionally, the introduction of a new 15-inch M2 MacBook Air, featuring a large 15.3-inch screen and a starting price of $1,599, adds further appeal for those seeking a family PC or a larger screen for work.

  • Purpose:¬†Consider what you will be using your laptop for most of the time.¬†If you are a student,¬†you will need a laptop that can handle basic tasks such as word processing,¬†web browsing,¬†and email.¬†If you are a gamer,¬†you will need a laptop with a powerful graphics card.¬†And if you are a professional who needs to use demanding software,¬†you will need a laptop with a powerful processor and plenty of RAM.
  • Performance:¬†The performance of your laptop will be determined by its processor,¬†RAM,¬†and storage.¬†The processor is the brain of the computer and it determines how fast the laptop can run programs.¬†RAM is the computer’s short-term memory and it determines how many programs the laptop can run at once.¬†Storage is the long-term memory of the computer and it determines how much data the laptop can store.
  • Portability:¬†If you plan on taking your laptop with you on the go,¬†you will need to consider its portability.¬†The weight and size of the laptop will be important factors to consider.
  • Display:¬†The display is the screen of the laptop and it is important to consider its size,¬†resolution,¬†and type.¬†The size of the display will determine how easy it is to see the screen.¬†The resolution of the display will determine how sharp the image is.¬†And the type of display will determine how bright and colorful the image is.
  • Operating system:¬†The operating system is the software that runs on the laptop and it determines what programs you can run.¬†The most popular operating systems for laptops are Windows and macOS.
  • Connectivity:¬†Consider what type of connectivity you need for your laptop.¬†If you need to be able to connect to the internet wirelessly,¬†you will need a laptop with Wi-Fi.¬†If you need to connect to other devices,¬†such as printers and scanners,¬†you will need a laptop with USB ports.
  • Battery life:¬†The battery life of a laptop is how long it can run on a single charge.¬†If you plan on using your laptop away from an outlet,¬†you will need to consider its battery life.
  • Budget:¬†Laptops¬†can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It is important to set a budget for yourself before¬†you start shopping.

Additional tips for buying a laptop

  • Do your research before you buy.¬†Read reviews of different laptops and compare prices.
  • Buy from a reputable retailer.¬†This will help ensure that you are getting a quality product and that you have recourse if there are any problems with the laptop.
  • Consider purchasing a warranty.¬†This will protect you in case the laptop breaks.
  • Get familiar with the laptop before you start using it.¬†This will help you avoid any problems and get the most out of your new purchase.
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