Huawei Ascend P2 turns up again appears to be waterproof!

huawei ascend p2 waterproof
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The Huawei Ascend P2 has been caught on camera once again, this time at the beach where it appears to be showing off its waterproof capabilities.

Like many new phones, it appears as though we can look forward to being able to drop our Huawei Ascend P2 in the pool, or rinse of dirt under a tap once it is finally officially unveiled.

According to another message which appeared on Weibo over the Chinese New Year, the Ascend P2 will be be water and dust proof to IP54 standards! That’s not to say you can forget to take it out of your pocket before placing it in to the washing machine, but it does mean the Ascend P2 will handle the odd dunk in the pool now and then.
huawei ascend p2 water proof

The Ascend P2 will be launched at MWC later this month, where we will finally find out if an 8-core CPU is running this waterproof beauty!

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  • Barack Obama

    hmmm..interesting after the Xperia Z footsteps

  • hamsteyr

    As I know it, Sea water is WAY worse than just normal water, so that’s pretty impressive, but I wouldn’t push my luck to be honest.

    The Ocean and electronics are NOT best buddies.

  • Someone

    I think it is D2 after some research…

  • kotsoss

    It wont be an 8 core phone because p series is not the flagship, the d series is the flagship of huawei, so the specs will be lower than the huawei d2. And it wont have fullhd screen.

  • Jordi

    This is not the P2 fuckheads! is the D2 dark blue color.

  • Profesor Yeow

    I’m waiting a lot this Huawei Ascend P2… some awesome!