Japan gets the Huawei GL07S looks a lot like the Ascend P2

Japan gets the Huawei GL07S looks a lot like the Ascend P2


Huawei have just launched the unforgettably named GL07S on Japanese carrier Emobile, strangely though the phone looks almost identical to the yet to be released Huawei Ascend P2!

Huawei aren’t supposed to be showing off the Ascend P2 until the Mobile World Congress, but this hasn’t prevented the Chinese phone maker launching a near identical phone in Japan. The GL07S is a quad-core 1.5Ghz phone with 13 mega-pixel rear camera and 32GB of on-board memory, sounds similar to the P2 doesn’t it!?

The only feature which doesn’t quite fit is the thickness of the phone which at 8.6mm is a lot thicker than the suggested 6.5mm mentioned at CES!

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  • If the GL07S it’s a little more “fat” than the P2 because have a better battery… so welcome!!