Big Cola 2 will launch April 15! Will boast 5.3-inch display and quad-core CPU

big cola 2
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The 2nd generation Big Cola 2, might have a silly name but the specifications, design and price speak for themselves and will surely be a hit when it goes on sale next month.

Everspring CEO, Ding Xiuhong, has announced that the Big Cola 2 will be officially unveiled in Beijing on April 15. Although unconfirmed, the Big Cola 2 is expect to be prices at around 999 Yuan ($160) and back a large screen 5.3-inch 720p display along with quad-core MT6589 CPU, 2GB RAM and 13 mega-pixel rear camera.

Rather than comparing the Big Cola 2 to other quad-core MTK phones, Everspring are hoping to take the fight to the big guns, and claim the low-cost phablet will rival even the Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

Robin Maxwell
Hi, Robin Maxwell here! Mobile technology is my passions, and while I've been known to dabble with iOS devices I'm a firm Android convert, currently waiting for the Oppo Find 5 to launch!!
  • Dave R

    any news on what radios it will have in it?

  • ivo001

    Gorilla glass or not?

  • markoff

    with this size of display I would be curious about battery capacity and thickness, judging by pictures it looks pretty thick

  • Sound

    Hahaha, it has double funny name.
    In Spain one of the meanings of “Cola” is penis, and in South América ‘cola’ means ass.

    Anyway, I expect more news of this phone or similar. I’m interested in buying it.

  • sandoz

    where can i buy it??

  • XrainX

    I found on another places the name to be
    Dakele 2
    Dakele is a more normal name than the stupid Big Cola.
    What is the chinese name of this smartphone?
    Which is the official site?

    • Andi

      大 = da = big
      可乐 = kele = Cola

      • XrainX

        Thanks for the response.
        I still prefer Dakele.
        For example we are not trying to translate Nokia like
        No = no
        Kia = korean car
        so we don’t have a phones “No korean car named Kia”
        I still want to know the official site of Big Cola.


          I’m interting to know the official site of dake (big cola)

  • Lola

    one thing for sure..if this phone or umix2 are launched before the jiayu g4 i’ll buy them because i’m a bit tired of waiting