Chinese phone maker hints a new 4.5-inch phone with 5000mAh battery!

Chinese phone maker hints a new 4.5-inch phone with 5000mAh battery!


Have you every wished that your Android smartphone had just that ounce bit of battery power to get you through the day? Of course you have! Well a new phone from China promises it will with a monster 5000mAh battery on board!

There are lots of unknown details surrounding this new 4.5-inch Android phone from Chinese phone maker Ding Xuan, however we do know that the phone will boast one of the largest batteries on the market while balancing the battery size with a thin body for the best of both worlds.

The only image we have of the phone is the one above which show a classy ‘business phone’ design, angular corners and rear camera.

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  • kolyamba

    “Ding Xuan” seems like name of one chinese guy 🙂 I’m glad that some chinese guy started to make phones! Hope, he has gold hands 😀

    • lol yeah, he got a name of a designer.
      hope its something good.


    if its true i ill buy one.

  • malik82

    jiayu g4 all model price on jiayu officeal site

  • The zone

    Waw i need this one

  • Manos

    Thats good news!

  • John

    No flash? Seriously?
    That’s a deal breaker for me

    • may

      Probably the bottom of the phone (out of shot) is very fat for the bigger battery too 🙂