Vivo XPlay eye tracking leaked plus sample photos

vivo xplay 13 mega-pixel camera
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As the launch date for the Vivo Xplay draws near leaked details have started to pile up on the net. The latest Xplay info shows the phones eye tracking in action as well as sample photos from the rear camera.

The Vivo Xplay is the phone which could really catapult Vivo in to the mainstream. The company have already proved they can make innovative and well made products, but the Xplay will be the first phone to feature true flagship features as well as a more sensible price tag.

Early leaks suggested that the Xplay would feature eye and head tracking software to enable a webpage to automatically scroll as a reader reaches the end of a page and recently this leaked GIF shows a BBK engineer testing it out.

vivo xplay eye tracking

From the image is seems the phone needs quite a lot of movement to be able to track things properly which we hope is fixed before the phone launches.

vivo xplay leaked photo samples

Also leaked are these photo samples from the Xplay’s 13 mega-pixel rear camera. Unfortunately we’re unable to find the full size images yet, however we get a good idea of what is on offer from the Sony sensor.

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  • Howea

    I think he’s got a medical condition.

    • Lola

      LOL this eye tracking is so good for people that cannot use their arms or fingers so in a way is actually interesting

  • Mee

    Just make a better phone and forget eye tracking features.

  • Albert

    When is the announced date for vivo xplay & launch date???

  • Giuseppe Bertolini

    isn’t that the sgs4?