JiaYu G4 flip covers available at launch

JiaYu will be launching a range of covers and accessories with the JiaYu G4 when it finally arrives in May. Here’s a first look at the JiaYu G3 flip cover.

Just as the quad-core G4 appears to be an upgrade in both hardware and quality over the G3, the accessories also look to be much better. At launch JiaYu plan to have a range of accessories to choose from for the G4 including additional batteries, screen protectors (although the phone has a Gorilla Glass display), rubber bumpers and these flip covers.

 jiayu g4 flip covers green and blue

jiayu g4 flip covers green and blue

We imagine there will be some more subtle colour choices at launch, however we quite like the look of these bright green and blue padded options shown here. What is interesting is there is no clasp to secure the cover down, which could mean that the G4 uses a magnetic strip like the iPad Mini!

More JiaYu G4 news and details as we get it.

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