Introducing the Gizchina Chinese phone comparison tool!

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We’re sure you are well aware that keeping up with the latest Chinese phone releases is pretty difficult, and comparing phones even more so, so to make things easier Gizchina have put together a Chinese phone comparison tool!

Are you a fan of Chinese phones? Are you stuck choosing between the latest, JiaYu, Xiaomi, Huawei, or Star models? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Chinese phone comparison tool?

Well now there is!

Over the past week we have been keeping ourselves busy by preparing the all new Gizchina Chinese phone comparison tool, an easy system for you to simply compare up to 3 phones at once!

Currently we have over 70 Chinese phone models listed, however we will be adding more phones daily and we are sure to reach the hundreds in just a few days!

As always the information we provide is totally free of charge, and all we ask is that you LIKE the tool on Facebook to promote the system. Also, as this is a new system we are open to suggestions so please let us know what you think here or on the comments section where the comparison tool is located.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to our Chinese phone comparison tool here and start gathering the facts!

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  • Norman Zakaria

    Woohoo!! Finally!

    • Andi


  • Ace

    Sweet. Nice job.

    • Andi

      Cheers mate!

  • mm


  • Wahed Mangal

    This is why I love this site! Nice job, Andi ;)

  • WimVD

    Im waiting a long time for such thing!
    Verry nice!

    Only it would be easy if you can just double click to select…
    And why max. 3?
    And I’m also missing the dimensions of the phones…

  • WimVD

    Sorry, the dimensions are there, just not of all the phones…

  • IceColdKilla

    i believe in a thing called love! :)

  • teow

    fantastic and useful. but to a lay person like me i can only wait for the international versions.

  • Simon

    This is great. Andy is it possible to start a thread “Reputable Suppliers of smartphones, tablets, tv sticks etc”. There are quite a few companies that just don’t bother responding to enquires & emails.

    • Andi

      Hi, Simon. The Gizchina forum will be making it’s way back very soon and there will be an area discussing resellers.

      • Xiaolu

        Wow! Found you not long ago… but lots of changes since then, great future! Keep on like this! :)

  • Camaman

    I did all this by hand 1month ago when I was searching which one to buy.
    Most cumbersome was to find reliable info if the phone is available or if its just a presell. Most sites aren’t very clear about that.

  • Simon

    Thats great Andy, I didn’t even know there was a forum !!!

  • TerrorSpawn

    Nice! I’m starting to love this website!

  • Rob

    Nice one Andy

  • yash3339

    Cool. What happened to disqus though?

  • -Carlos-

    This is really good Andy :)

    NEO N003 vs UMI X2 vs JIAYU G4

  • waterresist

    Thank you. Nice job :)

  • Peter

    Awesome Job, thanks so much. Would it be possible to crowd source this a little more maybe? Like have a way for people to add stuff? of course they would have to provide sources and any change would have to be approved by an admin, but i think this would help it to be more up to date as well as decrease your workload.

    • yash3339


  • Marcel Hassid

    Since the data is there and i assume it is in some kind of standandised language/format. would be possible to use the mechanism to find phones based on specs? e.g. search for phones that are 1080p display and 2gb of ram and get all the possible results, not only three.

  • Pavan Jadhav

    Yeah…. After Long Time This Features Added Here… I was missing This Feature From many days…
    But Try to add more than 3 Phones At a time.. :D