Sony C3 to be Sony’s first Mediatek phone?

sony c3 quad-core mediatek phone
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Are Sony about to launch their first low-cost Mediatek based handset in China? Purported Sony C3 details leaked.

A few months back we reported that Sony along with HTC and other big name brands were planning to enter the Chinese phone market with their own Mediatek based phones. It makes perfect sense that they should want to too as the Chinese phone market is the fast growing in the world and MTK phones are the most popular and cost-effective.

Apparently Sony will be entering the MTK market soon with a handset currently know as the Sony C3. Details are thin on the ground, but it is thought that the phone will be powered by a quad-core MT6589 processor or the updated 1.5Ghz MT6589T.

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  • darkwing

    I don’t think it is going to happend. Rumors of “big brands” using mtk processors are just that, rumors. I was prone to believe that xiaomi would use such processor, but no, so i bet sony wouldn’t use it, specially when from what i’ve seen, mtk performs just as a high end dual core.

    • Ujjwal Kumar

      Who told you big brands don’t use Mediatek. LG recently launched L5 II. It is a MT6575 phone.

      • yash3339

        Thanks for that dude I never knew LG used MTK

  • faizan

    i am in love with this shape, if this is going to happen in the price range of mediatek processor, i will be one to buy this , sony just come soon

  • Jan M

    The phone scene is moving up and forth at an amazing pace in China ATM. It is possible, but I won’t be holding my breath. Sony has been known to come out with some great low.budget sets though. They’ve cut costs by building several ranges and “eras” of phones on a single platform. All their android sets in 2010 was Snapdragon S1, all in 2011 Snapdragon S2 (all but the Arc S @ 1GHz) – mostly just differences in RAM/ROM and displays etc. The SoC’s themselves arent that expensive, especially when you factor in buy many millions of the same SoC.
    Since it became “Just Sony” (not S/E), it seems like every android set they’ve made so far, and every set announced so far in 2013, is Snapdragon (S4 pro7plus for Q2).

    They could possibly be doing a region-tailored unit for China/Asia off a MediaTek platform – but it would seem they are in pretty deep with Qualcomm, and this “one common platform”-strategy seems to be working pretty well for them.

    • faizan

      though i am not 100 % sure abt it, but if using quadcore cortex A5 chip from qualcom like samsung will limit them to 5 mp camera while MTk supports 13mp, and sony might come with 8mp in response to galaxy win

      • Jan M

        Only Snapdragon 200 and previous is A5. S4 Play (low-budget version) is 8mpx. The rest of the S4 range is 20mpx/stereoscopic 3d capable. The 200 is 8mpx, 400 is 13,5mpx, Beyond that the numbers reach up towards 55mpx capability with the 800.

        Most of us don’t really print out images in large format anymore, atleast seldom so. Don’t worry too much about megapixels. The quality of optical parts and CMOS sensor is the big culprit with cellphone cameras. High-end parts in this section are more expensive than the SoC.

        • faizan

          are you saying that samsung galaxy win soc is capable of 8mp? then why they have left their chance to compeat with others in this department?, they could have used better camera which actually made it an entry midrange smartphone rather it could be all in one medium rnge smartphone for low budget customers?

          • Jan M

            Just speculating – but considering their already immense sales in mid plus/high end range – they probably just cheaped out… My impression from what I’ve red about the Win, they should never gone that way. Its a nasty stain on a otherwise (mostly) clean shirt. Do it properly or don’t do it at all – samsung should know better.

  • Evgenij

    looks nice, but one thing that disappointed me in sony handsets is the scratchable screen. almost as plastic. they cheaped out on gorilla and now they absolutely require the screen protector. i’m basing my experience on owning ion.

    • anony

      Those aren’t actually the real screen but a kind of built in screen protector to hold the glasses underneath it together if they break.

  • anony

    And it’d be overpriced and underspecced.

    • Jan M

      If you want high specs at a low cost, you can’t look at global mainstream brands/phones.

  • Arnold

    It could be true, LG already has a smartphone with an MTK processor (LG L5 II).

    • faizan

      L7 II and L3 II as well but point is quadcore, upto dual core have been used previously by LG and only other company in international market is alcatel with scribed hd

      • Arnold

        No, L3 II and L7 II both use Qualcomm processors. Only the L5 II uses an MTK CPU.

        • faizan

          sorry i was having alcatel phones in my mind and wrote abt LG, Alcatel 997D and one i have myself is alcatel 992D

  • imabhisheksaini

    Will it also come in India?Hope Mediatek based phones sony will also bringing in India. India has huge market for android.

  • (@mobiltelefon_ru)
  • Joao Paulo

    uuuuuuuuuowwwwwwwwwwww is great ! ‘-‘

  • Profesor Yeow

    Dual Sim … Dual Sim !!! I hope will have Dual Sim PLEASEEEEE!!!!