Update: Vivo Xplay leaked ahead of tonights launch, shows 5.7-inch display

vivo xplay leaked
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Update: Pricing for the Vivo Xplay has been confirmed at 2998 Yuan ($486). No details at to an international launch yet. We will bring full launch details soon!

It looks as though we can finally stop speculation on the size of the Vivo Xplay’s display as new leaked photos and spec sheets confirm a 5.7-inch 1080p display will be used.

In addition to the size sources are also reporting that the screen will be a LTPS (Low-temperature polysilicon screen) keeping the display bright while reducing power consumption, OCA optical bonding technology for improved viewing and 2.3mm narrow bezels.

vivo xplay specificaitons

The dimensions of the phone are purported as being 154.8 x 79.68 x 7.99mm with a weight of around 187g.

The rest of the hardware specs remain including a 1.7Ghz Snapdragon 600 CPU, Adreno 320GPU, 2GB RAM, 16/32GB ROM, 3400mAh battery, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 5 mega-pixel front and Android 4.2 OS.

Vivo will officially launch the Xplay this evening at the Watercube in Beijing.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/crappkid Wahed Mangal

    Waiting for them to realease official price.. Keep us updated Andi.. 😉

  • http://gravatar.com/cactuarknight cactuarknight

    Dang…Chinese phones are starting to get stronger than the usual High players. I wonder how much this will cost…?

  • CarbonRefugee

    Will this be available Internationally? (Side Note: I live in the Untied States) If so could you perhaps list the names of a few reputable sellers online that don’t mark up the prices to where their 100$ more then retail like most places & wont scam you XP Unless of course you have the gizchina shop up and running then i’ll indefinitely buy from you ^_^

    • njren

      Are you looking for an awesome 2G phone? Unless Vivo is purposely underreporting the radio hardware inside the Xplay, it will not work on any 3G bands used in the USA.

      • CarbonRefugee

        Woah I did not know that this phone was only 2g XP I’m Looking for a 3g phone 5 inch plus screen 1080p scratch resistant display quad core that will work with 3g in the us at around 350$ so If anyone could recommend something that fits my criteria that would be pretty cool haha 😛

    • Simon

      A GizChina online shop, that will be awesome !!!!!!

      • Onetrack

        Yes but one that only reports on importable / useable phones on north american carriers.

        • Simon

          Well no , i’m British, so a North American carrier is useless to me

  • http://streetpower.com.ua Evgenij

    perfect phone. but so costly.

  • njren

    The price is $480 (RMB 2998) for 16GB, not $650.

  • John

    hey there thank you so much for your posts
    just a small question
    I need a smartphone for me and my brother
    under 300$ each one
    I will buy the phone in june
    what would you recommend me?
    Thanks so much!
    Really looking forward to your answer
    dont dissapoint me

    • http://www.gizchina.com Andi

      Xiaomi M2a if you can find one, if not JiaYu G4

      • John

        thanks so much give me your PP ill send you a dollar

    • http://streetpower.com.ua Evgenij

      umi x2 or zopo c2 :)

      • John

        they are better then the xiamomi and jiayu?

        • http://www.facebook.com/m.slixs King Mohammed

          xiaomi is riding the waves with their specs and cheap price but if you are looking for a cheaper price with good specs under $300 than i would choose jiayu G4 with a MTK6589 Quad Core, 2G RAM, 4Gb to 34GB ROM and a 4.7 Inch HD IPS Retina (res 1280×720) with gorrila glass 2 and 13mp rear camera all being sold for $248.99 (higher or lower at certain sites also the price is for the basic is $218.99 so choose the advance for an extra 30 bucks)

          • John

            thank you mate!

          • John

            the g4 is better then the umi and zopo?

  • Onetrack

    Yes please detail reputable places online to purchase this as I’m in

    • Lola

      there’s already a forum for that matter

  • Simon

    What is the link for the forum ?

  • Gina


  • http://www.facebook.com/jotapelessa Joao Paulo

    NO thanks ¬¬