Fake Dr. Dre Beats headphones cost just $3 in China!

Fake Dr. Dre Beats headphones cost just $3 in China!


Before ordering a shiny new pair of Dr. Dre Beats headphones from China you had better check they are the real deal as knock-off versions are showing up online from as little as $3!

Fake Dr Dre Headphones have been on sale in China since the real headphones launched, but we didn’t realise just how cheap they are selling for! A quick search on Taobao resulted in Beats headphones priced from as little as 19 Yuan ($3) with Beats earbuds starting at 33 Yuan ($6).

The chances are pretty high that these fakes aren’t as good as the real thing, but as they look identical and come in pretty convincing packaging we imagine some less than honest resellers could try passing them off as the real deal.

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  • Lexey

    welcome to russia ahahaha lots ppl getting screw over with this stuff… but as my experience there are some really good knock offs that cost like 80$ for a pair of studios and quality of sound is good compare to cheaper stuff.. but i didnt try ear-buds yet ) but i will in like a month ahaha

    • Ну и причём тут Россия?

      • Lexey

        при том что: многие в Pаше ведутся на лейбл, и платят за поделки такие цены что настоящие не стоят ) Sorry about Russian )

        • Такое впечатление, что ты открыл для себя интернет вчера 🙂 Не только в России люди берут подделки. На алиэкспресс достаточно глянуть на флаги покупателей. А там и Англия в том числе. Sometimes replicas had worth quality for undemanding buyers.

          • Lexey

            Thats what Andi post up :”Before ordering a shiny new pair of Dr. Dre Beats headphones from China you had better check they are the real deal as knock-off ” thats what i answer : “welcome to russia ahahaha lots ppl getting screw over with this stuff” whats the hell is ure point ??? trying to say that ppl buy fake stuff in England also ??? well no shit SHERLOCK. Ppl does buy fake stuff online from all over the world! but idk where do you leave , but last year it was like every other corner had small shop with fake beats and crazy prices even in big shopping centers.

    • Ace

      I wouldnt touch beats fakes with a 10ft pole, but there’s some pretty damn nice ATH-ESW9 Knock-offs on taobao and some pretty decent original products. If you want earbuds, right now sony has the XBA1 on sale.

  • Well, real ones are not too far from chinese earphones, as they are overpriced quite a lot, you’d better buy some Superlux for 25$ as they beat the “beats” by far.

  • Adi

    Hmmm. Umimobile India has promised to give the earphones free with a purchase of X2. Must be these fake ones!

  • I’d gotten these free with my UMi X1 as ‘gift’ from the seller. I threw them away.

  • got a pair of the ear buds from DX as soon as they appeared for 19 dollars… sounded good… for about a month… then went dead on left channel and never used it again… waste of money…

    • IanDeMartino

      My parents just came back from a trip to China and brought me back these eat buds. The packaging was convincing at first but a careful inspection revealed some shoddy craftsmanship (the red “strip” of paper coming loose and a few other things) but the buds seemed legit. I have never been an audiophile but they were better sounding than any pair of headphones I had ever owned (to be fair, I have never spent more than 25 bucks on headphones).

      Unfortunately my experience was the same as yours, and it didn’t even take a month, after about a week of enjoying them, the left ear went out.

      Price was spot on, my parents told me they spent seven bucks on them, a dollar more than listed here but not bad since I am sure my parents just screamed “TOURIST!” to everyone street vendor in the area with their mannerisms and dress.

  • anony

    It doesn’t really matter, both fake and original sound like sh*t anyway.

  • Nathan

    Girlfriend and I saw a guy selling these on the street of Shanghai last week. We asked him how much and his starting price was 28yuan. Both of us thought that price was far too cheap for them to be any cop.