Top Chinese Mobile Phones available in India!

ginoee gpad g2
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Struggling to choose which Chinese smartphone you should choose? Not sure which phones are available in your market? Well never fear as here are the top Chinese mobile phones available in India!

Although it can be still quite difficult to get hold of a Chinese mobile phone outside of China, some of the larger, more established brands have made the effort to set up shop in locations around the world.

One of the fastest growing market for Chinese mobile phones is India, but just what phones are on sale there and which should you be looking at?

Top Chinese Mobile Phones in India

Zopo ZP980

zopo zp980 hands on video

Let’s kick this list of Chinese mobile phones off with a bang! Zopo have been present in India for some time now and their flagship Zopo ZP980 has just launched there at a price of Rs. 12999 ($238).

The Zopo ZP980 features a stylish body, quad-core MT6589 processor, and 1GB RAM, but the real standout features are the 5-inch FHD 1080 display with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection and the 13 mega-pixel rear camera!

Ginoee GPad-G2

If 5-inch is just not enough then what about the 5.3-inch display of the Ginoee GPad-G2? Like the ZP980, the GPad-G2 features a quad-core MT6589 processor, with 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM.

Due to the larger display and big 3000mAh battery the Ginoee GPad-G2 costs slightly more than the Zopo at Rs 13,990 ($255) however that additional cost also gets you enhanced DTS sound.

Huawei Ascend G330

If you’re on a budget but want the peace of mind a big brand Chinese mobile phone has to offer, then the Huawei Ascend G330 could be the perfect choice for you.

Costing just Rs 9,999 ($182), the Huawei Ascend G330 packs an energy efficient dual-core CPU, pocketable 4-inch display plus 5 mega-pixel rear camera.


thl w8 on sale

THL like Zopo have a solid reputation for great quality phones and excellent support. Although not officially available in India (yet) THL are planning to launch their flagship THL W8+ Chinese mobile phone soon.

As you would expect from a range topper, the W8+ boasts a 5-inch FHD 1080p display, quad-core MT6589 CPU and Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. Pricing is a little higher at Rs 16,000 ($292) but that price does include 16GB ROM, a 12 mega-pixel rear camera and 5 mega-pixel front.

Oppo Find 5

black oppo find 5 launched

If money is no object and you want the best of the best then the Oppo Find 5 is where you should be planning to spend your money. Like the THL W8+ the Find 5 hasn’t launched in India yet, but plans are underway and pricing has already been set at Rs 27,445 ($502) for the 16GB model.

The Oppo Find 5 has been described as one of the best Chinese mobile phones to date and comes with all the top specs from 5-inch 1080 display, to 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 2GB RAM and Snapdragaon S4 pro CPU.

Did we miss one?

I’m sure that there are plenty more top quality Chinese mobile phones available in India, and this is just a small taster. If there are any models you think we should have included let us know in the comments section below.

Abbie is a self confessed Chinese phone addict! After cutting her teeth on the Meizu M9 she hasn't been able to keep away from Chinese phones keeping her ear to the ground especially for the latest Shanzhai and clone news!
  • yash3339

    I’d like to make it clear that the seller you are referring to is not an official reseller, of OPPO at least. This is confirmed by OPPO.

  • Nationalist prick

    GiONEE Dream D1?

  • elaadhn

    zopo zp 980 does not have gorilla glass. it is not mentioned anywhere on the box or their website. also ZOPO C2 is the same, only with 4GB ROM instead of 16GB (possibly screen is OEM and not SHARP).

    • Andi
      • elaadhn

        according to pandawill, antelife and youtube comments ans such –
        “NO difference between ZOPO ZP980 and C2 if flashing ZP980’s ROMs on C2, except that ZP980 gets the original Sharp SLCD screen while C2 doesn’t. The display of ZP980 will be sharper, clearer than C2, but just a little bit difference when you’re really really focus on each single pixel region of the screen.”

        “Is it a normal screen? Differences between Gorilla glass and Original SHARP SLCD screen?

        Thanks for your review. Sharp SLCD screen does not have anti-scratch performance, but it has high DPI.”

        here is side by side view of the zp980 and c2:

        i’m pretty sure they wont miss out on the chance to write GORILLA GLASS 2 in big letters on it :-)
        its one of the main advantages that UMI X2 and G4 have over it.

        here are some good reviews –

        there are some reports of bugs in their current rom (flickering screen, greensh pictures, 3g not working).

        • yash3339

          +1. Thanks.

  • ivo001

    I did not know that the ZOPO ZP980 had gorilla glass!

    If this is so, does the ZOPO C2 also have Gorilla glass?

    I need a phone with a quad core, 2500 mah+, 720p+, gorilla glass, and preferably 2GB memory, althouh 1gb will do. This for a budget of <$300.

    If the ZOPO C2 also has gorilla glass, it will be my winner.

  • ABC

    UMI Mobile (X2, X1S….)

  • PJ

    UMI is not available yet.. in India..

  • Naga

    U missed not one but many. UMI x2…how can u? I hope Lenovo, G five etc too are chinese. Leaving UMI X 2 was deliberate attempt i guess…huh. If i had money i would have certainly go with Oppo find 5. And hey what about Xiomi Mi3?

  • Naga

    I guess there is talk of launching i coean 7, jiayu g4, MOGU s1(cheapest android phone for just Rs 2500)

  • Welcome to India

    It’s time to replace my Nokia smartphone. But I’m not going to buy a Chinese phone less than 2GB RAM.

    • its123

      You might need to wait for Jiayu g4 premium to be released in India.
      I wonder why Google does not release the LG Nexus 4 in lesser price in India?
      But XiaoMi phone spec’s rocks i just wonder how is DraganTrial glass compared to the Gorilla Corning 2

  • Praneeth Arnepalli (@TweetPraneeth)

    How about UMI X2, THE Ultimate mobile phone!

  • Simon

    Apparently in India they have a dedicated android store called Android Guruz

  • Raj Behenwal

    Andy I am following your site from a long period I am writing first time .

    Bro you missed the Lenovo which is already make footprints in India K900 highly anticipated phone by the mid and upscale people .

    Great work Bro. Keep it up.

    Raj Behenwal

  • Partha Dutta

    Why not Xiaomi in India? We would be happy to have a Chinese Phone with Qualcomm MDM 9225 or 9625 Chipset such that we may access all TDD LTE and FDD LTE in India with all the specs like Sony Xperia Z including its zoom and offcourse a Battery which can be adjusted with the requirement having at least the juice to charge on the third day and offcourse a good loud sound system and we want them cheaper than Samsung,Sony or LG.

  • Thinh Nguyen

    Jiayu G4 is introduced in India too, but I have a question Andi
    Why the version introduced in India got white color in front and inside and the version you unbox is black in front and inside

  • XrainX

    Does anybody know a link or an indian forum discussion to download the firmware for the Intex Aqua Wonder Quad Core smartphone?
    I need the firmware and I didn’t found it using google. Maybe some big indian forum have it.

  • rahul kalra

    Go to search your Chinese mobile & along with full phone specification with launch price