OrientPhone N7, a 3G equipped Galaxy Tab 3 Killer

orient phone n7 tablet
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Samsung have recently launched the Galaxy Tab 3 in certain locations across the world, but already there is a competitor at a similar price and with better hardware!

Samsung seem to be a victim of their own success. The Korean Electronics maker has taken the world by storm with its range of Android phones and tablets simultanisuosly painting a target on their backs for Chinese rivals to aim at!

Take the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for example. The 7-incher has already been out gunned by the Orientphone N7 which is on sale at a similar price put includes built in 3G, dual-SIM support and voice call support.

Full details of the Orientphone N7 can be found here where the tablet is on sale for just $193.69.

Abbie is a self confessed Chinese phone addict! After cutting her teeth on the Meizu M9 she hasn't been able to keep away from Chinese phones keeping her ear to the ground especially for the latest Shanzhai and clone news!