Xiaomi Mi3 won’t launch on August 16th after all

Over the past few months we have all been patiently expecting to see the launch of the Xiaomi Mi3 on August 16th, however this seems not to be the case!

New reports from Xiaomi themselves claim that their won’t by a launch festival held on August 16th as previously expected. Instead the flagship Mi3 is not hoped to be officially unveiled on 5th September.

Although this can’t really be seen as a launch delay as Xiaomi hadn’t actually made any promises, many do believe that the a delay in Snagdragon 800 processors is the real reason for the change in schedule and that with the delay Xiaomi have taken steps to include unto 3GB RAM and a Sharp IGZO screen on the phone.

So August 16th is the launch of the Mi3 after all (well according to the rumours), but we could still see the launch of the Xiaomi Purple Rice, aka the Xiaomi tablet on that date!

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