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From 0G to 5G (1946 – 2020): See how the telecommunication industry has progressed

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3G network

According to Reuters, the United Kingdom said on Wednesday that it will phase out its 2G and 3G mobile networks by 2033. This will enable …

There has been a tremendous development in the telecommunication industry over the past 80 years. Many smartphone enthusiasts of today do not really know how …

4G vs 5G

Several years have passed since the introduction of the mobile internet.  With the advent of 3G, We saw mobile data becoming quite usable, but not …

As the commercialization of 5G continues to expand in different regions, older network solutions will go into extinction. Network operators in Germany have been setting …

from 2G to 5G

On June 19, Strategy Analytics came in with an interesting article. The latter is based on its report ‘Low-cost 4G Smartphones: Market Dynamics and Opportunities’. …

The communication industry is advancing and many manufacturers are now moving to the next level. Current reports have reiterated that the Taiwan region will close its 3G …

It looks like we’re going to see an explosion of new 3G wearables before Christmas as we learn of another new entry from Kingwear.

Find here some hard to resist deals on tablets and more. 3G tablets start at mere $49.99, while dual boot tablets can be had starting $69.99!

The Colorfly G708 appears to be quite an unbelievable package at $80 bucks boasting an octa-core SoC and 3G support. We’ve put this slate to the test.


Not everyone needs or has access to 4G LTE networks but still require a powerful smartphone with nice design. For those people here is the Kolina K100+.

ehear mq8

Ehear get in to the tablet market with a compact device packing a quad-core chip and built-in 3G.

Cube Talk 9X U65GT

Rocking an octacore MT8392 Mediatek processor means the Cube Talk 9X is just at home connected via 3G on the go as it is at home over WIFI.

chuwi v10hd dual boot

Chuwi are taking advantage of the new relaxed Windows licensing rules to launch the Chuwi V10HD dual boot tablet.

All of ZTE’s three new phones that got announced at the IFA come with budget price tags and run Android KitKat.

The Cube TALK8 tablet combines decent specs and price with call calling capabilities.

A tablet with some octa-core power was due since long, and Cube seem to have just delivered in the form of the Cube Talk U69GT.

doogee dg phablet

Doogee have moved in to the low-cost phablet manufacturing game with the Doogee DG-Phablet.

chuwi v99x 3g tablet review

Video unboxing and first hands on with the Chuwi V99X 3G Android tablet with 9.7-inch Retina display.

San Diego based Infosonics is a known name in the budget smartphone segment, and the verycool KolorPad T742 marks the company’s entry into the budget tablet market.

Cube have added another Talk 7, 3G enabled tablet to it’s range. The Cube Talk 7X will be available from 20t December here are the specifications.