Deals: Super affordable tablets, Intel inside, and more

We’ve come a long way from 5MB storages that were the size of a modern-day room, to super-tiny devices that can control our homes.

While this means that the cutting edge is pushed further each day, it also results in older technology becoming more affordable… and ultimately, cheap. We’ve been sent info about some deals taking place, which some of you might find worthwhile.

Ones that are attention worthy include the $49.99 Vido T99 tablet, which comes with a 7-inch display and a 64-bit quad-core processor. If that wasn’t enough, the T99 even features on-board 3G! Moving on, it’s the Onda V820w which is next on the list. At a mere $69.99, the tablet does dual-boot, making it one of the most affordable dual boot tablets around, if not the cheapest. The entire range of these budget tablets can be found here.

Other deals include Intel powered tablets, and a general clearance sale where you might just get lucky with a deal or two.

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