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Convertible 2-in-1 tablets are maybe not as popular as full fledged laptop models, but in comparison these models are quite often offering some extra utility …

The Teclast Tbook 16 Power is an 8GB RAM Windows 10 plus Android 6.0 Marshmallow tablet powered by the Intel x7-Z8750 SoC.

Teclast just gave the X98 Plus dual boot tablet a bit of a shave on its spec sheet, and called it the X98 Plus II. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Find here some hard to resist deals on tablets and more. 3G tablets start at mere $49.99, while dual boot tablets can be had starting $69.99!

Teclast’s Tbook 11 is a $185 gadget that can run Windows or Android. It comes with 4GB of RAM… keep reading for more details.

huawei dual boot tablet rumour

Huawei look set to be the next Chinese manufacturer to launch a large screen tablet with stylus, plus their’s might even be dual boot.

telecast x98 plus

If these new Chinese Windows tablets have peaked your interested but 12-inch+ is just too much, then how about a 9.7-incher from Telecast?

Chuwi Hi8 pro

Chuwi have introduced the new Chuwi Hi8 Pro tablet which takes some of the impressive hardware of the Hi12 and fits it inside a smaller 8 inch foot print.

chuwi hi12 launch

Happy New Year, and our first article of 2016 is tablet related with final full specifications of the Chuwi Hi12 Microsoft Surface alternative.

The new Chuwi eBook is a $170 tablet that supports dual OSes and bundles a pressure-sensitive stylus.

Teclast’s newest is the Windows/Android dual-booting X98 Air III tablet which features a retina screen, 2GB RAM and an Intel processor – all for under $170.

xiaomi tablet

Leaks this weekend pointed at the possibility of a dual boot tablet from Xiaomi, now teasers for the Mi Pad 2 could be heading down the same road.

The Chuwi Hi8 is like the younger sibling with a smaller screen to the Vi10. The device is now available in multiple flavours for $90 for a limited time.

With the dual boot thing getting a lot of traction in the Chinese market, Voyo has decided to join in on the fun with the WinPad A1 Mini.

In this Chuwi Vi10 review, find out if the affordable dual-boot (Windows 8.1 + Android KitKat) will fit your needs!

Got a Chuwi Vi10 but unable to find an option to enable hibernation? We got you covered!

With Chinese TV boxes becoming more and more popular, it didn’t take Pipo, a well-known manufacturer of tablet PCs, long to hit the market with …

The very popular X7 mini PC is back as the Pipo X7s, but this time with dual boot!

Android tablets have one serious flaw: They are great entertainment devices, but going productive on them can be a pain in the ass. The obvious …

China could soon be home to a dual boot Windows 10, Android 5.0 smartphone named the Wei Yan Sofia.