Xiaomi begins to tease possible dual boot Mi Pad 2

xiaomi tablet

Leaks this weekend pointed at the possibility of a dual boot tablet from Xiaomi, now teasers for the Mi Pad 2 could be heading down the same road.

Xiaomi has been experimenting with having optional operating systems on its devices for a few months now. The experiment began with the Xiaomi Mi4 which had a developer release of Windows made available for it meaning fans could choose to use MIUI based on Android or Windows OS on their phone.

The next logical step would now be to launch a Windows installation for the Xiaomi Mi Pad, or it’s successor and that’s exactly what we are hearing might happen. Over the weekend we posted (dubious) images of a Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 with 9.7-inch display and dual-boot capabilities, now Xiaomi themselves are hinting at something similar.

The simple image posted by Xiaomi simply says Xiaomi Tablet x 2. If we take in to consideration the current leaks then a dual-boot tablet sounds like it might fit. Another possibility might be a new 7.9-inch Mi Pad along with a larger 9.7-inch model.

The 4 x question marks below could either turn out to be the launch date later this year, or even the retail price for the tablet once launched.

What are your thoughts on a dual-boot Windows Android Xiaomi tablet?

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