Another OnePlus One allegedly explodes

oneplus explosion

OnePlus have been in the spotlight for various reasons since they exploded on to the smartphone scene last year, it isn’t just the company combusting though! Their phones are allegedly doing the same too!

Imagine waking in the night to find that your phone was on fire! Now imagine that you woke to find your phone on fire next to your bed! This is exactly what happened to Ankur Dugar this weekend when the OPO owner woke to the smell of smoke. In this instance the user was lucky enough to wake up in time to put the fire out, but in another incident last year a OPO was reported to have exploded in the back pocket of a user in France.

Dugar has contacted OnePlus customer service who advised him to said his phone to their customer service and will receive a replacement if it is proven that the phone was faulty, but who have since offered him a replacement without needing to return the phone.

The incident isn’t over yet though as a lawyer has been drafted in and we might see OnePlus in a little legal trouble if things go to court.

What do you think of this? Would you be happy with just a phone replacement or would you want OnePlus to offer a payment to cover any other damages and distress the customer faced?

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