Pipo X7s mini PC does dual boot (Android+Win8.1) for $130

We’ve seen quite a few Windows 8.1 mini PCs come up in the last 3-4 months, but almost each one of them have been riddled with licensing issues.

As CNXSoft points out, the Pipo X7 that came a couple or so months back faced the same issue; which is why the company had to completely re-launch the product, but this time with a genuine OS license. While at it, Pipo also threw in something extra in the form of the dual-boot feature, which allows the mini PC to boot not only into Windows 8.1 but also Android v4.4 KitKat.

The catch is, the Pipo X7S (nice naming convention, no?), i.e., the updated version, sells for about US$40 more than the X7. Now, if you care about genuine software (which you should), then you should totally understand the added costs.

As of now, the device can be pre-ordered for US$130 on Geekbuying. We’re currently testing the Egreat i6 mini PC, so if you can, you should probably wait for the review to be out before jumping the gun on this one… unless dual boot is what you’ll be getting the X7S for.

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