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If you thought China was done producing weirdly interesting devices, have a look at the Pipo X10!

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The Pipo W1S is an affordable 10.1-inch full HD tablet with 4GB of RAM that runs the Windows 10 operating system out of the box.

The Pipo X1 is an upcoming mini PC from Chinese tablet and hardware maker Pipo.

With Chinese TV boxes becoming more and more popular, it didn’t take Pipo, a well-known manufacturer of tablet PCs, long to hit the market with …

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The very popular X7 mini PC is back as the Pipo X7s, but this time with dual boot!

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The Pipo W3 is a powerful Windows 8.1 tablet from China, promising to be a real workhorse with its type cover. Hot or not? We’ve got our hands on it to figure out!

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pipo w2 tablet

If you are looking to get in to the Windows tablet market, but don’t want to shell our for a big name brand, the Pipo W2 is a good stepping stone at only $130.

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Now if you thought that the Mediatek MT6589 series (including the MT6589T) was dead, then you are wrong. PiPo is actually taking out the MT6589T …

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The PiPO T5 hasa 6.95 inch display, can make phone calls and only costs around USD $80.

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The Pipo T9 has launched and it appears to offer decent specs at a competitive price.

Pipo has been among the fastest rising Chinese tablet manufacturers, ever since the company hit it off with dual-core RK3066 tablets in 2012.

Pipo have listened to fans are have started to ship the Pipo Ultra-U3, 7-inch tablet with built-in 3G! We’ve had our hands on a number …

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Pipo have made a name for themselves producing great Android tablets with the latest Android OS, high performance specs and keeping everything at a great …

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I’ve been suitably impressed with my Pipo Mx Android tablet with its dual-core CPU and Android Jelly Bean OS, but the new, improved, faster and …

I think we can all easily agree that Chinese Android phones have come on leaps and bounds over the past 12 months, but what about …