RK3288 powered Pipo lineup of tablets coming soon

Pipo has been among the fastest rising Chinese tablet manufacturers, ever since the company hit it off with dual-core RK3066 tablets in 2012 for 2014 a new range of RK3288 tablets to launch.

Sources reveal that the company is now looking forward to releasing a slew of tablets powered Rockchip’s latest quad-core solution, the Rockchip RK3288. The RK3288 series succeeds the hugely popular RK3188 lineup of chipsets, and is expected to bring improvements in all aspects. The CPU now operates at a 1.8GHz frequency with 4 Cortex A17 cores working in tandem. Graphics are provided by the ARM Mali T-760 chip, which again promises a huge jump in performance.

Pipo will be showcasing multiple devices with the usual screen sizes for tablets in 8.9 inches, 9.7 inches and 10.1 inches. It isn’t very clear at the moment, but the tablets will have resolutions higher than or equal to 1920 x 1080p at least, with some possibly going up to 2560 x 1600p. What’s more, the powerful GPU on the RK3288 will even allow you to playback 4K video!

We’ll know more about these power-packed tablets during the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, which is scheduled to take place next month.

[Source, Via]
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