ZTE Grand S II might be the first phone to ship with 4 gigs of RAM

Smartphone specifications, these days, are moving ahead at a rate which is making it tough for consumers to follow. We daresay that it is the exploding market which is dictating what we get, as opposed to consumers demands forcing manufacturers to develop products as per their needs.

What’s makes me contemplate is the fact that ZTE’s next big thing, the ZTE Grand S II might feature a 4GB RAM variant. Yes, you heard it right — 4 gigs of RAM on a smartphone. It’s quite certainly going to pack a Snapdragon 801 chipset to go with the large RAM quantity, among other hardware. In fact, if you remember, we even spent some hands on time with the device at the MWC sometime back.

Thanks to a Tenaa listing, we have better insight on this smartphone (which, honestly, has been in the news for quite long). While it may not be a feature on every ZTE Grand S II variant, but 4GB is some serious RAM. As pointed out by Steve Dent on engadget, 4GB is the maximum RAM a 32-bit chip can handle (2^32).

With ZTE having showcased the device previously, we now await official availability before this can be confirmed.

I don’t think 4GB of RAM is a requirement, at least not for me. Any serious multitaskers here, who think they’d require the services of a 4GB RAM chip? Let us know in the comments section below.

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