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Older flagship models are sometimes still the better choice to get than some current low-end devices, especially when the price is more or less the …

As expected, Chinese phone maker Lenovo have launched the ZUK Z1 in India. Here’s what you need to know about this phone!

OnePlus X Champagne

With OnePlus just announcing the launch of the OnePlus X Champagne edition, I thought it would be a good time to revisit my hands on and impressions of the phone.

OnePlus’ newest, the OnePlus X, is a phone like no other from the young yet well-known Chinese phone maker. Where does it fit in the scheme of things, though? Find out in the OnePlus X review.

oneplus x launch

OnePlus X is the company’s latest phone, and it comes with some interesting specs and a nice design. You can buy one in Malaysia now, but with a catch…

zuk z1 review

After the release of the OnePlus X yesterday I was sure that we would see a permanent price drop on the ZUK Z1, but in fact the opposite is true!

OnePlus X vs LeTV Le 1s

This week we have seen the launch of 2 phones that redefine what how much a premium phone should cost. So of the OnePlus X and the LeTV 1s which phone is right for you? Which are you going to buy?

The OnePlus X launch doesn’t start until 4:30 in Beijing but already reliable sources have posted the full specifications of the 5-inch smartphone.

oneplus x launch

Over in Beijing the OnePlus team are setting up for the launch of the OnePlus X smartphone, what will the launch uncover? Keep posted for updates.

oneplus mini

OnePlus’ OnePlus X smartphone has leaked again in new detailed slides confirming the specification for the 5-inch phone and pricing.

zuk z1 review

This review has been a long time coming for various reasons but it’s finally here. Keep reading for my full ZUK Z1 review.

oneplus x price

OnePlus will hold an event on the 29th October for a new smartphone that is rumoured to be called the OnePlus X, and already pricing details have been exposed in China.

zuk z1 review

The ZUK Z1 is now just $299.89 via reseller, shipped in its international avatar with Cyanogen OS pre-installed!

zuk z1 cyanogen

The 4100mAh battery totting ZUK Z1 can now be ordered via Amazon in certain markets across Europe.

zuk z1 review

The 4100Ah battery, Cyanogen OS totting ZUK Z1 is now available via Amazon in most European markets. Here’s what you need to know!

zuk z1 hands on

Ahead of tomorrow’s launch, I get my hands on the ZUK Z1 to see if the latest Lenovo brand and start-up have what it takes to tackle the Chinese smartphone world.

ZUK Z1 Rear

Over in China the ZUK Z1 launch is going to start in just 30 minutes, but already the final specifications and pricing details have leaked on to Weibo. Here is what we know.

xiaomi mi4 review

Xiaomi is offering their ex-flagship i.e., the Xiaomi Mi 4 in 64GB for just 17,999 INR as part of their first year anniversary celebrations in India.

InFocus have launched the InFocus M810 in India for an equivalent of US$235.

Xiaomi’s 16GB Mi 4 just got a massive price cut in India following the one for the 64GB version.