ZUK tell all resellers to raise pricing to $319.99 after this weekend

zuk z1 review

After the release of the OnePlus X yesterday I was sure that we would see a permanent price drop on the ZUK Z1, but in fact the opposite is true!

OnePlus launched the OnePlus X yesterday with a 5-inch display, beautiful design, Snapdragon 801 and space for a micro SD card. Pricing in the US will be $249.99, which is $50 less than the current price of the ZUK Z1, with the same processor. After seeing what OnePlus launched and the buzz around the phone we thought that ZUK might feel that now is the time to cut the price of the Z1 and put the hurt on OnePlus, but the opposite is actually true.

Official stores and resellers of ZUK have received orders from ZUK that they must increase the retail price of the Cyanogen powered Z1 from the current price of $299.99 to $319.99 by the end of the weekend.

In all honesty we think ZUK have missed a trick here. Had they dropped pricing to $249.99 then they will have surely seen a surge in interest. The Z1 is actually a fine phone (if a little bland looking) featuring killer battery life, Cyanogen OS software support and decent audio quality, read our ZUK Z1 review here.

In other ZUK news, the ZUK team are in Berlin today for their official German release.

So if you are in the market for the CM powered Z1 you have a few days until pricing is increased. Will this price increase push you to buy the ZUK Z1 now, or are there other phones that now have your interest?

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