Pipo Max M3 Jelly Bean tablet cost just $200!

I’ve been suitably impressed with my Pipo Mx Android tablet with its dual-core CPU and Android Jelly Bean OS, but the new, improved, faster and larger quad-core Pipo Max M3 appears to be even more impressive!

According to the specifications I have been sent, the next generation Pipo Max M3 Jelly Bean tablet will boast some significant upgrades over the already impressive Pipo M2!

First of all the overall size of the new Pipo Max M3 is larger than the M2 and get’s a 10.1 inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 which should please those of you looking for a slightly larger Jelly Bean tablet.

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pipo max m3 android jelly bean tablet specifications

Like the M2 the Pipo Max M3 has a 1.6 GHz Rockchips CPU with 1GB RAM, so performance is not going to be an issue with this new tablet.

Other upgrades over the M2 include a rear 5 mega-pixel camera which will offer much better image processing than the 2 mega-pixel unit on the M2, the front camera remains a 2 mega-pixel unit however.

Although I have heard rumblings in the past that the Pipo M3 will support 3G this doesn’t seem to be the case, but like all tablet the M3 does have Bluetooth, WiFi and various plugs for HDMI, Micro USB and a micro SD card reader.

Prices in China will start at $200 but expect resellers to be charging closer to $280 once the Pipo Max M3 goes on sale.

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  1. Freeje
    October 12, 2012

    Had a not so good experience buying from a Chinese tablet manufacturer. ROM was buggy and they refused to update it. Besides that it had good specs. Had to take it to a dev and he cleaned up the firmware which he said was messy.

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ll buy another tablet since I found out that it’s not that useful other than for surfing and for games. All these I can do now with my new phone which has a 4.8 inch screen. A tablet is just not good enough for any productive work. I tried editing a spreadsheet and it was a pain even if you connect a keyboard.

    • irwin
      October 12, 2012

      Time to get urself a serious tablet. Get a windows 8 based tablet.

  2. October 12, 2012

    Andi this is what I know

    You got the Max-M1 which you reveiewed (imo an excellent tablet I got the black version as well). Speakers are the only downside of the M1 because it is very weak. Else everything is perfect and extra slim with many accesories available.

    Mix-M2 has the 3G built version with excellent speakers. Planned on getting this one and selling my M1 but after watching some youtube videos and having a go at one from a reseller it feels bulky at the edges so I pass. But excellent if you don’t mind a bulky tablet.

    Max-M3 I’m yet to find a 3G version of this but I’m not a fan of 10.1 inch tablets. Mostly prefer 7 inches and 9.7 inches.

    Overall the Pipo tablets are very durable and gets a good support from the company. Pipo fails to release source code which limits devs to explore it more.

    Other companies I consider are the Ainol tablets but the company has a terrible support. On the other hand a massive community and Ainol releases source codes to the public so many devs developing and porting more roms for this brand.

    You can check out slatedroid.com if you own a tablet for a Chinese manufacturer to get more roms and help if needed.

    Just my two cent

  3. stepan
    October 12, 2012

    nothing special, except 5 rear mpx and front 2mpx cameras. Other specs are similar to tablets that are currently on market

  4. Amby
    October 12, 2012

    I have heard Pipo and Onda to be some of the better names for Chinese tablets.. Im rather excited about this one. Will compare this with Onda’s latest flagship offering before taking a plunge.

  5. Victor
    October 12, 2012

    Why not a single word about a wonderfully specced Cube U9GT V with a 2048×1536 9.7 inch screen, bro. Good for reading PDFs, y’know. With crisp fonts and articulated illustrations and diagrams and stuff. Getting one for myself and somewhat strangely proud of it…

    • October 14, 2012

      Pretty sure I have written at least one post about it 🙂

  6. Vector66
    October 13, 2012

    Looks really nice, they are really coming around. I love my SmartQ T15, you have to really watch who you go with if it is a Chinese tablet. I only say that because yes no matter how good the hardware is it really depends on how good the firmware is. I am over at Slatedroid with my T15 and we have a great JB firmware. This pipo seems really nice and a great start to some quad core tabs.

  7. William McCook.
    October 13, 2012

    Hi, I have asked Giz this before but I am getting lots of Info from Wonder Media re their new WM8950 with loads of new inclusions including Android 4 but when I asked them who was their manufacturer producing this new amazing tablet?– “no reply”
    So Giz with all your sources surely u can sus out the WM8950 info, availability & price! Please let me know when u do!
    Thanks, William.

  8. wan
    October 13, 2012

    at this time for me i will wait for quadcore tablet

    • October 14, 2012

      Plenty of quad-core tablets heading to the market now 🙂

  9. bargzeek
    January 12, 2013

    Pipo tablets are awesome for the price and specs, there are some bugs on some M3 models buts its already fix using TNT2 firmwares, and it give additional boost to the tablet and its rooted. : )