The Colorfly CT131 Tiny is a 13.3 inch tablet with quad-core CPU

The Colorfly CT131 Tiny is a 13.3 inch tablet with quad-core CPU


Have you every found that your 9.7 or 10.1 inch isn’t quite big enough? Well your dreams may have come true today as Chinese tablet manufacturer Colorfly have announced their latest tablet the Colorfly CT313 13.3 inch tablet!

Details of this huge tablet are very thin on the ground at the moment, it hasn’t even been confirmed as an Android or Windows tablet yet! But what we do know is that the Colorfly CT313 will boast one of the largest touch displays ever seen on a commercially available tablet!

We also know that this 13.3 inch tablet will get both front and rear cameras, although I can’t imagine you would plan to take many photos with this huge beast!

colorfly ct131 quad-core 13.3 inch tablet china

performance will come from an as yet to be announced quad-core CPU, with (we hope) at least 2GB RAM. There will also be 16GB of built-in storage and dual stereo speakers.


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  • J.P Blanco

    i think the weight of this is nearly a kilo…. hahaha not totally easy to carry at all ^_^

    • Nope be awesome to play games and watch videos on 🙂

  • Louis Koo

    Frankly, I hope that one day I will find some beast “big” with 10.1″ screen with full HD resolution, just like 1 from Huawei and 2nd generation of Corning Gorilla glass , 13.1″ should be too big, I may consider a laptop instead. 2GB of ram at least, a power SoC like Snapdragon Pro 1.5 GHz, 32 GB of internal storage comes with SD card slot support. It supports 2 cameras at both front and back with 2 Mpx and 8 Mpx respectively, a good quality speakers like Amazon Kindle Fire HD. About its design, it should get a very thin bezel based on the “zero bezel” ideal from Sky brand. OMG I think I’m very imaginable !!!

  • Geodex


    This is some crazy size for a tablet. Who will see this as portable?

  • Amby

    Portability wont be easy b’coz of the size. They better make it nice and light weight if they want to keep their hopes of selling these. Personally, I would at least like to see/hold it in the flesh to get a perspective on its size, before writing it off completely.

  • Victor

    It’s for hairdressing salons and coffee tables. It can also be employed as a face-to-face sales interaction assistance device where a conversation would be centered around a show-and-tell kind of thing. Showing something close up in fine detail and suitably large size. I bet I’d buy it if I were a real estate agent. For my office at least…